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Harmony Spa

Harmony Spa at Le Meridien Kathmandu, NepalFrom the time of the Roman Empire, when weary legionnaires sought hot springs and built baths to soothe their aching bodies, to the town of "Spa" in Belgium rising to fame in the 14th century for its bathing treatments, spas continued to develop and evolve as man realised the importance of health, wellness, relaxation and the unified harmony of the mind, body and soul. There is a need and desire for effective relaxation to counter the ... more

Helth Club & Spa in Nepal

Helth Club & Spa & Information in Kathmandu & NepalThis is one of the most important stages for the development of a spa and health club. The concept provides customers with experiences that indulge the senses and feed their minds, bodies, and souls.

We help you to define the Lifestyle Experience you want to deliver to your customers, by drawing on the uniqueness of the local culture, location and history, as well as, incorporating leading edge treatments and facilities exclusive to the property's guests and members.

The word "spa" conjures up images of long days filled with mud baths and meditation classes, exquisitely prepared spa cuisine, and fragrant eucalyptus groves. But spas, lately, seem to be popping up everywhere: office buildings, strip malls, village storefronts.

Helth Club & Spa & Information in Kathmandu & NepalSalons with one tiny massage table tout their spa services. Even nail places call themselves spa pedicures. How can they all be spas?

Recreational activities are getting popular year after year in Nepal. By the geographical structure of Nepal; it can offer great deal of adventure as well as luxurious sporting / recreational activities.

Among the array of exhilarating activities; we present recreational tour as most pleasant and accessible Recreational program for people of all aged and those who are health conscious & looking for something extra in typical way.

In our below mention program we focused on health and fitness activities in purely traditional Nepal manner to provide an unprecedented luxury and novelty. A traditional Yoga class with expert instructor or multi cure Massage therapy is immensely beneficial for healthy life.

Apart from this; regular sightseeing program and Golf practice is an added feature of this tour. Find a Retreat center and take a spiritual retreat where you can visit a health spa or beauty spa and get a massage or do yoga.

Helth Club & Spa & Information in Kathmandu & NepalSome list of Helth Club & Spa

  • Club Oasis, Hyatt Regency, Boudha Kathmandu, Nepal:
  • Hotel Yak and Yeti, Durdar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal:
  • Soaltee Crown Plaza, Tahachal, Kathmandu, Nepal:
  • Radisson Hotel, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal:
  • Hotel Shangri-La, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal:
  • The Malla Hotel, Lainchour, Kathmandu, Nepal:
  • Hotel de l' Annapurna, Kathmandu, Nepal:
  • The Everest Hotel, Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal:
  • Le Meridien Kathmandu, Gokarna Forest Golf Resort & Spa, Gokarna Kathmandu, Nepal:
  • Arogya Ashram, Kathmandu GPO: 3662, Ktm, Gaushala
  • Total Physical Fitness Club (TPFC), Kathmandu GPO: 8973 NPC 242, New Baneshwor
  • Metropolyclinic Pvt.Ltd. Kathmandu, Thapathali Chwok
  • Nirvana Country Club (P) Ltd, Kathmandu, GPO: 1392, Ktm, Kamaladi
  • Kundalini Suite Hotel & Health Resort (P) Ltd, Kathmandu, GPO: 3732, Ktm, Chandol
  • Banu's Total Fitness Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu Kamalpokhari
  • Shaligram Apartment Hotel (P) Ltd, Kathmandu, GPO: 3992, Ktm, Jawalakhel
  • The Nature Club, Kathmandu GPO: 5152, Ktm, Dhapasi
  • Banu's Total Fitness Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu, Kamalpokhari
  • Gold's Gym, Kathmandu Manbhawan
  • Verge Inn Leisure Club, Kathmandu, GPO: 2353, Ktm, Tahachal
  • THE CLUB 'Himalayan Recreational Resort (P) Ltd', Kathmandu, Bhat Bhateni
  • Holistic Institute of Lifestyle & Learning Skills Center, Kathmandu, Godavari Village Resort,
  • Dadhiram Recreation Complex (P) Ltd, Biratnagar, Hatkhola
  • Suite Hotel & Health Resort (P) Ltd, Kathmandu, GPO: 3732, Ktm, Chandol, Maharajgunj
  • Aroma Sports Centre, Kathmandu, GPO: 8975 EPC 1505, Sanepa
  • Sinamangal Plaza & Health Club (P) Ltd, Kathmandu, GPO: 3874, Ktm, Sinamangal
  • Suite Hotel & Health Resort (P) Ltd, Kathmandu, GPO: 3237, Ktm, Chandol, Maharajgunj
  • Life Physical Fitness, Kathmandu, Mitrapark
  • Shree Panch Mahendra Police Health Club, Kathmandu, GPO: 10952, Ktm, Pradarshani Marg
  • The Health Club, Biratnagar, Traffic Chowk
  • Eshani Club (P) Ltd, Kathmandu, GPO: 2236, Ktm, Kalankisthan
  • The Complex, Biratnagar, Hatkhola
  • The Club C.M., Pokhara, Tersapatti-3
  • Shree Panch Mahendra Police Health Club, Kathmandu, Pradarshani Marg
  • Gold's Gym, Kathmandu, Satdobato
  • Kathmandu Gym Centre, Kathmandu, Putalisadak
  • Woodmandu Health Club, Kathmandu, Gyaneshwor
  • Everest Fitness (P) Ltd, Kathmandu, GPO: 13616, Ktm, Gaushala
  • Nepal Byayam Mandir, Kathmandu, GPO: 8006, Ktm, Jyatha
  • Hardic Fitness Center, Kathman