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Mountain Expeditions

Mountain Expeditions Mountaneering Nepal, Expedition in Nepal, Nepal Mountain Expedition, Nepal Peak Expedition, Nepal MountaineeringWith eight of the world's 14 peaks over (8000m), Nepal has been the focus of some of the most outstanding achievements in the world of mountaineering. (Those outside Nepal are K2 (8611m), Nanga Parbat (8125m) Gasherbrum I (8068m), Gasherbrum II (8035m) and Broad Peak (8047m) in Pakistan, and Shisha Pangma (8013m) in Tibet). It has a convergence of 1310 magnificent peaks over 6,000 metres. Nepal has become famous through out the world due to these mountains. The Nepal Himalaya is in the centre of the Himalayan range and the dauntless icy peaks have posed as challenge to those who dare for many decades.

Lhotse Himal Expedition, NepalThere are some 326 peaks in Nepal open for mountaineering today. The Government of Nepal has opened around 175 peaks in the last two years to mark the Mount Everest Golden Jubilee Celebrations. Expedition is similar to challenging treks, however, includes basic mountaineering above the snow line using ice axe, crampons ropes and necessary climbing gears under the supervision and instruction from the climbing leader/guide. People wanting to do this type of expedition needs psychological and physical stamina plus prior experience is certainly an advantage, but not essential. Please write us of your requirements and we shall forward to you more detail with approximately cost.
Please find the following mountain Expeditions different which is we are operating in Nepal

THE ROYALTY AND SIZE OF THE EXPEDITION TEAM: RULES EFFECTIVE FROM 1996 SPRING ASCENT ROUTE OF EVEREST: A Brief check list of all permitted Nepalese Mountains for expeditions Now days, Nepal Government is also taking interest to open the new and restricted trekking areas and virgin peaks for the summit. Due to this, many trekkers and climbers are being excited to visit Nepal. The Government has categorized the peaks for the mountaineering as follows:

List of Himalayan Peaks opened for Mountaineering
(Permission granted by HMG, Tourism Ministry)
A. 22 Peaks opened for Nepalese expeditions or join Nepalese and foreign Expeditions consisting at least three Nepalese members
S.N. Name of the peaks Height Mountain Region S.N. Name of the peaks Height Mountain Region
01 Bhrikuti 6364 Damodar 12 Gyalzen Peak 6151 Jugal
02 Bhemadang RI 6150 Langtang 13 Jongsang Peak 7483 Janak
03 Bhairab Takura 6799 Jugal 14 Karyolung 6511 Rolwalling
04 Chamar 7187 Serang 15 Kirantchuli, Tent. 7365 K. Junga
05 Changla 6563 Changla 16 Langtang ? RI 7205 Langtang
06 Dorje Lhakpa 6966 Jugal 17 Leonpo Gang 6979 Jugal
07 Ghanchenpo 6387 Jugal 18 Nala Kankar 6062 Nalakanka
08 Gandharava 6248 Annapurna 19 Nepal Peak 6910 K. Junga
09 Gurja Himal 7193 Dhaulagiri 20 Ohmi Kanga 6829 Janak
10 Gurkarpo ? RI 6891 Jugal 21 Phurbi Chyachcu 6631 Jugal
11 Gyachung Kang 7952 Khumbu 22 Urknmang 6151 Jugal
B. Four Peaks opened to foreign expeditions only when Nepalese has climbed them and foreign Joint expedition:
S.N. Name of the peaks Height Mountain Region S.N. Name of the peaks Height Mountain Region
01 Bobaye 6808 Gurans/Yoka 03 Jethi Bahurani 6850 Gurans
02 Ganesh 1 (Yangra) 7429 Ganesh 04 Khang Sar Kang 7485 Annapurna
C. 98 Peaks open for foreign Expeditions:
S.N. Name of the peaks Height Mountain Region S.N. Name of the peaks Height Mountain Region
01 Ama Dablam 6812 Khumbu
02 Annapurna I 8091 Annapurna 51 Kanjeralwa 6612 Kanjiroba
03 AnnapurnaII 7937 Annapurna 52 Kanjiroba 6883 Kanjiroba
04 AnnapurnaIII 7555 Annapurna 53 Khatang 6782 Rolwalling
05 AnnapurnaIV 7525 Annapurna 54 Lamjung Himal 6983 Annapurna
06 Annapurna South 7219 Annapurna 55 Langshisa ? RI 6427 Jugal
07 Api 7132 Gurans 56 Langtang Lirung 7234 Langtang
08 Api west 7100 Byas-Rishi 57 Lhotse 8516 Khumbu
09 Barun Tse 7129 Barun 58 Lhotse Shar 8400 Khumbu
10 Baudha 6672 Mansiri 59 Lobuche west 6145 Khumbu
11 Chamlang 7319 Mahalangur 60 Lemgpo Peak 6954 K. junga
12 Cheo Himal 6820 Peri 61 Makalu I 8463 Mahalangur
13 Chobuje 6685 Rollwaling 62 Makalu II 7678 Mahalangur
14 Cholatse 6440 Khumbu 63 Manapathi 6380 Dhaulagiri
15 Cho-o-You 8201 Khumbu 64 Manaslu 8163 Mansiri
16 Cho Polu 6711 Mahalangur 65 Manaslu North 7157 Mansiri
17 Churen 7371 Dhaulagiri 66 Nampa 6755 Gurans
18 Dhampus 6012 Mukut 67 Ngojumbakang 7743 Khumbu
19 Dhaulagiri I 8167 Dhaulagiri 68 Nilgiri Central 6940 Nilgiri
20 Dhaulagiri II 7751 Dhaulagiri 69 Nilgiri North 7061 Nilgiri
21 Dhaulagiri III 7715 Dhaulagiri 70 Nilgiri South 6839 Nilgiri
22 Dhaulagiri IV 7661 Dhaulagiri 71 Numbur 6957 Rolwalling
23 Dhaulagiri V 7618 Dhaulagiri 72 Nuptse 7855 Khumbu
24 Dhaulagiri VI 7268 Dhaulagiri 73 Ngadi Chuli P-29 7871 Mansiri
25 Drangnag RI 6801 Rolwaling 74 Nampa South 6580 Byas Rishi
26 Fimkof 6697 Saipal 75 Patrasi 6450 Patrasi
27 Fimkof West 6645 Saipal 76 Pumori 7161 Khumbu
28 Ganesh II 7111 Ganesh 77 Putha Hiun Chuli 7246 Dhaulagiri
29 Ganesh III 7110 Ganesh 78 Pathibhara Chuli 7125 K. junga
30 Ganesh IV 7052 Ganesh 79 Pasanlhamu Chuli 7351 Mahalangur
31 Ganesh V 6986 Ganesh 80 Raksha Urai 6593 Urai Lekha
32 Gangapurna 7455 Annapurna 81 Saipal 7031 Gurans
33 Gauri Shanker 7134 Rolwaling 82 Santi Shikhar 7591 Mahalangur
34 Gimigela Chuli 7350 Kanchenjunga 83 Shartse 7459 Khumbu
35 Gyajikang 7038 Peri Himal 84 Sisne 5859 Sisne
36 Himal Chuli East 7893 Mansiri 85 Sita Chuchura 6611 Dhaulagiri
37 Himal Chuli North 7371 Mansiri 86 Saipal East 6882 Saipal
38 Himal Chuli West 7540 Mansiri 87 Surma Sarovar 6523 Surma S.
39 Himlung Himal 7126 Peri 88 Sagarmatha 8848 Khumbu
40 Hungde 6556 Mukut 89 Shey Shikhar 6139 Kanjiroba
41 Jagdula Peak 5764 Jagdula 90 Tawoche 6501 Khumbu
42 Kumbhakarna 7710 Kanchenjunga 91 Thamserku 6623 Khumbu
43 Kangbachen 7903 Kanchenjunga 92 Tilicho Peak 7134 Annapurna
44 Kagmara 5960 Kanjiroba 93 Tukuche Peak 6920 Dhaulagiri
45 Kande Hiun Chuli 6627 Patarasi 94 Tripura Hml Chuli 6563 Kanjiroba
46 Kanchenjunga 8586 Kanchenjunga 95 Tsokarpo 6518 Kanjiroba
47 Kanchenjunga 8476 Kanchenjunga 96 Tarkekang 7193 Annapurna
48 Kanchenjunga S. 8476 Kanchenjunga 97 Varahashikhar 7647 Annapurna
49 Kang Guru 6981 Peri 98 Yalungkang 8505 K. junga
(1) South East Ridge normal route Royalty of US$ 70,000 has been fixed for Sagarmatha (Everest) for a team consisting of 7 members. The team may include 5 more members provided if pays extra US$ 10,000 for each additional member. The royalty includes trekking fee of the team members. The team members will be granted 3 months visa.

(2) Route south pillar Everest, south west face south west face (Central Pillar) royalty up to 7 members US$ 50,000 and the may include 5 more members provided it pays extra US$ 10,000 for each additional member.

(3) The team already permitted to scale Everest will have to pay US$ 10,000 if it intends to change the ascent route. It will have to pay additional US$ 20,000 if it intends to change the ascent route to normal south East Ridge route.

(4) Garbage deposit US$ 4,000 each team. Expedition team must complete all necessary administrative formalities and procedures in order to send back the garbage of the expedition team to their respective countries, after the completion of the expedition. Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation will take necessary monetary deposit from the team which will be refunded after the dispatch of garbage from Nepal.
Please find the following mountain Expeditions different which is we are operating in Nepal. Mt. Tripura Hinchuli Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Tilicho Peak Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Teng Khangpoche Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Thamserku Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Tawoche Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Sita Chuchura Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Putha Hiuchuli Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Pumori Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Peak 38 Expeditions s (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Pasang Lhamu Chuli Expeditions (Mountaineering) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Nuptse Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Langtang Lirung Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Kumbhakarna (Jannu) Expeditions (Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Kirat Chuli Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Kanjiroba Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Kangtega Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Kang Guru Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Himlung Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Ganesh Himal Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Dorje Lakpa Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Dhaulagiri Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Churen Himal Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Cholatse Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Chamlang Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Barunche Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Annapurna South Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Annapurna Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Annapurna 4th Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Ama Dablam Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Singu Chuli (Fluted Peak) Expeditions (Mountaineering) Nepal Himal, Mt. Everest Expeditions (South Col) ? Nepal (Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Manaslu Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Kangchendzomga Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain, Mt. Makalu Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Himal, Mt. Lhotse Himal Expeditions (Mountaineering - Climbing) Nepal Mountain. For more details information about Nepal Mountain expedition and Nepal Mountain climbing itinerary please visit bellow readymade itinerary and if you are looking different itinerary please Contact Us.

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Yarsha Gomba Trekking Nepal  
Yarsha Gomba Trekkingh NepalYarsagumba with its Latin name cordyceps sinesis literally means summer plant and winter insect in Tibetan. Before the rainy season begins, spores of the cordyceps mushroom settle on the heads of caterpillars’ that lives underground. The fungus gets so much into the body of the caterpillars’ that it grows out through its head and drains all the energy from the insect and ultimately it dies. Yarsagumba, Yarshagumba or Yarchagumba is a rare and unique herb that grows in the meadows above 3,500 meters (11,483 feet) in the Himalayan region of Nepal. There are various types of famous medicinal plants found in Nepal but the popularity of yarsagumba ... more details
Exotic Kathmandu Valley Mountain Biking  
Exotic Kathmandu Valley Mountain BikingAn exotic mountain biking covering all the corners of the Kathmandu valley. The trip trip starts with the biking tour right from the capital city of Kathmandu, the popular historic center and adobe of the gods. During this entire adventure we would be staying at five out of six best outlooks for viewing the mighty Himalayas, from Dhaulagiri in the west to Everest in the east. Literally you will not be missing what it is known as the the world's finest mountain scenery. Our biking trip takes you to Nagarkot, one of the most beautiful "hill station like" place famous for the 270 degrees views of the mighty himalyas, where you can retreat yourself ... more details
Tripura Hinchuli Expedition - 6,563m  
Tripura Hinchuli Expedition - 6,563m NepalTripura Himchuli: Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, sandwiched between the two giants India and China, Nepal, one of the most popular destinations for adventure travel, adventure trekking, peak climbing and mountaineering expeditions. Rolling hills, thundering rivers, hidden valleys, lush forests and centuries old diverse ethno-cultures are crowned by the snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas, including eight of ten highest mountains on the planet. It could be you next to witness from Himalayan vistas to deeply spiritual ethno-culture that has to be experienced to be believed in your Nepal adventure holiday. Nepal Himalayas offer ... more details
Tilicho Peak Expedition - 7135m  
Tilicho Peak Expedition - 7135m NepalTilicho towers at the height of 7134m. Mountaineers rate this as a technical climb, and not so easy. Our expedition starts up with a drive Besisahar, followed by several days trekking to Base Camp. There is another way; one can fly from Pokhara to Jomsom and start further. But we choose the first idea as this allows enough time for acclimatization and less difficulties for taking all the logistics. The views on the routes are breathtaking; anything that can surpass your imagination. What you see is Tilicho Peak and the azure and peaceful Tilicho lake below. It is a glacial lake and unfriendly to marine life. People say they often find marine ... more details
Teng Khangpoche Expedition- 6500m  
Teng Khangpoche Expedition- 6500m NepalTeng Kangpoche, also called Thyangmoche, is located on the ridge west of Kwangde Ri, south of Thami Valley. There are no recorded ascents. Fly to Lukla - Fly out by Lukla. For almost twenty years our agency has catered the needs of mountaineers in a professional and committed manner. Teng Kangpoche, also called Thyangmoche, is located on the ridge west of Kwangde Ri,south of Thami Valley. There are no recorded ascents. Since early 19th century the mountains have been posing tempting destinations and all kinds of challenges to all human being. Mountaineering expeditions are similar to challenging treks but such expeditions ... more details
Thamserku Expedition - 6,608m  
Thamserku Expedition - 6,608m NepalThe Snow Saddle - is another beautiful mountain which rises majestically to a saddle shaped summit from Khumbu and Hinku valley and sits next to another prominent mountain Kangtega to the south. Thamserku's best view is from above Phortse, but most impressive from Minmo Valley . Minmo Valley is nearly never entered by trekkers or climbers. We impose your experimental steps in Nepal, wherever you've walked this is a memory of human beings. Imagine an amazon of your footprints from the Himalayan glaciers till to the bottom of desert, your presentation decorates the earth that sounds of living beings during your precious life ... more details
Tawoche Expedition - 6501m  
Tawoche Expedition - 6501m NepalMountaineering in Nepal is appropriate. The first trekker in Nepal is appropriate. The first trekkers in Nepal were, of course, mountaineers who where either on their way to climb peaks or were exploring routes up unclimbed peaks. There was furious mountaineering activity in Nepal from 1950 to the 1960s the emphasis had shifted to previously impossible feats such as the south face of Annapurna and the south west face of Everest, both of which were climbed by expeditions let by Chris bonington. The expeditions in the 1960s and 40s were often well equipped, and some times lavish, thanks to sponsorship from governments, foundations ... more details
Sita Chuchura Expedition - 6,611m  
Sita Chuchura Expedition - 6,611m NepalSita Chuchura (6611 m) is located in the area of Dhaulagiri not far from the French Pass. This peak was successfully climbed only four times: the first ascent was done in 1970, the last - in 1995. Mountaineering in Nepal is appropriate. The first trekker in Nepal is appropriate. The first trekkers in Nepal were, of course, mountaineers who where either on their way to climb peaks or were exploring routes up unclimbed peaks. There was furious mountaineering activity in Nepal from 1950 to the 1960s the emphasis had shifted to previously impossible feats such as the south face of Annapurna and the south west face of Everest, both of which ... more details
Putha Hiuchuli Expedition - 7246m  
Putha Hiuchuli Expedition - 7246m NepalPutha Hiunchuli is the westernmost peak of the Dhaulagiri range and is sometimes referred to as Dhaulagiri VII. It was first climbed in 1954 by Jimmy Roberts, a legendary explorer and climber and most possibly the father of moder-day trekking in Nepal. The Dhaulagiri range is made up of some of the world's most impressive peaks. In this range, to the west of Annapurna South of Ganesh Himal, lies a long ridge at the end of which stands the serene Putha Hiunchuli. This mountain is the last 7000er marking the end of the snow-capped range. Our trek begins at the trading town of Dunai, which is about a week's walk away from the ... more details
Pumori Expedition - 7161m  
Pumari Expedition - 7161m NepalMt. Pumori is located in Nepal's Khumbu region this pyramid shaped 23,495 ft. peak dominates the skyline behind Kala Pattar (19,000 ft). Anyone who has made the trip to Everest either as a climber or trekker will remember Pumori's distinctive shape. Named by George Leigh Mallory, "Pumori" apparently means "Unmarried Daughter" in the Sherpa language. Used as a training peak for past Everest teams this peak now is offered as a guided climb by many different companies. There may be as many as 20 expeditions per climbing season. The route follows the Southeast buttress before it traverses to the East Ridge for the ... more details
Peak 38 Expeditions - 7590m  
Peak 38 Expeditions - 7590m NepalThe 800km stretch of the Nepal Himalaya is the greatest in the world with eight peaks that rise above 8,000m including the highest in the world, Mt. Everest Ever since the country opened its peaks to climbers in 1949, the Nepal Himalaya has become a great theater of mountaineering activity and the drama of success and failure have provided impetus to thousands of men and women to meet the ultimate challenge. The Nepal Himalaya has been an attraction to many people, be they saints, philosophers, researchers or adventurers. Transfer to the airport, fly to Lukla - Fly out by Lukla. I happened to look many times at this mountain ... more details
Pasang Lhamu Chuli Expedition - 7,350m  
Pasang Lhamu Chuli Expedition - 7,350m NepalPasang Lhamu Chuli is one of the recently opened new peaks for foreign expedition. The peak is about 5 km west – south of Cho Oyu and raises to the height of 7,350m. The peak was first climbed by an expedition team from West Ridge in 1996 and the sirdar was Ang Phurba Sherpa (Climbing guide and Director of Ang Rita Trek & Expedition). The route of south or east ridge is more difficult and has remained still unclimbed. We will set up the Base Camp at 5,400m on the central moraine of Nampa La Glacier and the Advance Base Camp at 5,600m near the foot of West Ridge Nampa La. Camp I will be set up at 6,250m just below the ... more details
Nuptse Expedition - 7855m  
Nuptse Expedition - 7855m NepalThe “Nuptse” is situated in the Khumbu Himal just south-west of Mount Everest. Nuptse I (7855m) was first sumited by a British expedition on the north-ridge (Scott-route) on May 16, 1961 by Dennis Davis and Sherpa Tashi. Nuptse shares in the glory of the Everest Massif and is the southern border of the Western Cwm Viewed from the Thangboche Monastery it appears as a massive wall guarding the approach to Everest. The name Nup-tse is Tibetan and means west-peak, as it is the western part of the Lhotse-Nuptse-massif. The main ridge, which is separated from Lhotse by a 7556m high saddle, is crowned by 7 peaks and goes ... more details
Langtang Lirung Expedition - 7234m  
Langtang Lirung Expedition - 7234m NepalLangtang Himal massif - clearly visible from Kathmandu - is right on the city's back door and the trek allows you to enjoy ir in full. With many hotels and eating places it is also one fro the casual and hot so hardy trekker. Nepal is a Himalayan country where hundreds of Peaks do welcome for those people who wants to adventure.Langtang Lirung is one of the well-known 7000 meters peak which lies on the center north of Nepal/Tibet border a head of Langtang village. British team ascent of Lang tang Lirung (7234m) in 1973. Having established base camp, successful acclimatization ascents were made on Sergei RI, Yala Peak and Naya Kanga ... more details
Kumbhakarna (Jannu) Expedition - 7710m  
Kumbhakarna (Jannu) Expedition - 7710m NepalJannu (now officially known as Kumbhakarna) lies 11km to the West of the summit of Kangchenjunga. Though lower, it is a very difficult peak, with a summit pyramid that is steep on all sides. The first ascent and & quot; standard & quot; route is a complex and difficult, though not extreme, route up the Southeast Ridge, from the Yamatari Glacier. Neighboring peak Jannu East, 7468m, was unclimbed as of 1997. On the climbing side, no experience is necessary, however you must be familiar with alpine environments and must understand the risks that camping and climbing above the snowline pose. Previous Nepal or Pakistan trekking ... more details
Kirat Chuli Expedition - 7365m  
Kirat Chuli 7365m. Expedition - 7365m NepalMountaineering in Nepal is appropriate. The first trekker in Nepal is appropriate. The first trekkers in Nepal were, of course, mountaineers who where either on their way to climb peaks or were exploring routes up unclimbed peaks. There was furious mountaineering activity in Nepal from 1950 to the 1960s the emphasis had shifted to previously impossible feats such as the south face of Annapurna and the south west face of Everest, both of which were climbed by expeditions let by Chris bonington. The expeditions in the 1960s and 40s were often well equipped, and some times lavish, thanks to sponsorship from governments, foundations ... more details
Kanjiroba Expedition - 6883m  
Kanjiroba Expedition - 6883m NepalMore than twenty five years has passed since we were captivated by a remarkable high mountain range, 40km far away to the north, seen from the top of Tso Karpo Kang (6556m) in the northeastern corner of Kanjiroba Himal in 1971. Name of these mountains was quite unknown at that time., We had only a vougue idea they must be on the Nepal=Tibet border and in the easternmost part of Mugu district. On old maps by Survey of India, from 1930's, afterward, the name Kubi Kangri was roughly given to these mountain ranges, probably from the data of Sven Hedin's expedition in 1907. How to access to these mountains, has long been ... more details
Kangtega Expedition - 6779m  
Kangtega Expedition - 6779m NepalKangtega - The Snow Saddle - is another beautiful mountain, which rises majestically to a saddle shaped summit from the Khumbu and Hinku Valley and sits next to another prominent mountain Thamserku to the north. Our approach to this mountain is from the south side over the Tsetrawala pass and then through the Hinku glacier. We take about a week to reach the Kangtega base camp situated at the bottom of the Kangtega Ice-Fall, which resembles with the infamous Khumbu Ice Fall of Mt. Everest. Setting up our base camp at 5,182m/17,000ft. Though an obvious route up the mountain would be to follow the Ice Fall, we have to go ... more details
Kang Guru Expedition - 7038m  
Kang Guru Expedition - 7038m NepalKang Guru peak is located between the solid mass Annapurnas and Manaslu. We follow Annpurna trekking route up to Koto and proceed to Kang Guru base camp passing through traditional villages of Tibetan setting, Nar & Phu. Base camp will be pitched at 4250m, camp I at 5300m., Camp II at 6100m. and then long climbing on to the summit. The route presents some small technical difficulties and care should be taken for possible avalanches.The mountain is most notable for one of the worst avalanche caused mountaineering accidents in the Nepalese Himalaya. On October 20, 2005, a powder-snow avalanche, induced by several hours of ... more details
Himlung Expedition - 7,126m  
Himlung Expedition - 7,126m NepalHimlung Himal is one of the recently opened peaks for climbing and is located between Manaslu and Annapurna ranges. The Himlung Himal is situated in the Manaslu region, which is considered one of the remote corner of Nepal and Tibet boarder. This mountain has been becoming popular day by day to the climbers on these present days. The Nepalese Gov. opened it’s climbing permits only after 1992. Since it’s opening only 3 teams have been succeeded to climb on the top of this mountain. Among them 1 team was the Japanese and the other to were the French. Passing through two interesting Tibetan villages of Nar and Phu, Base Camp ... more details
Ganesh Himal Expedition - 7429m  
Ganesh Himal Expedition - 7429m NepalGanesh Himal is easily visible on a clear day from the city. In Nepal there a saying that the place where the lamp stands will always dark. The Ganesh Himal is similar in that it is near to Kathmandu but still rarely visited by tourists despite the relatively easy trekking and pristine forests and villages of the region. Twelve days trekking affords incredible nearly ‘touchable” views of Ganesh I (7401m), II (7150m), and Manaslu (8163m). The walk is mostly through typical Nepalese villages and forests and jungles of oak, rhododendron, bamboo, pine and others. The single mountain pass (4500m) is the highest point of the trek, but we are ... more details
Dorje Lakpa Expedition - 6,966m  
Dorje Lakpa Expedition - 6,966m NepalDorje Lakpa is located at the solid mass of Jugal Himal (Nepal), east of the Langtang Valley and south of Shishapangma (Tibet). The normal route for the peak is described below. A good technique in ice is essential and we envisage placing fix ropes in the favorable places, which will help us to achieve our goal. Camp I will be at an altitude 5400m and is well sheltered. Camp II will be at an altitude 6100m, which does not exceed 40' and is visible from the Base Camp. As per the condition of the climate during climbing, we may place a safety camp between summit and camp II. After the summit, we will disassemble the high camps and return by ... more details
Dhaulagiri Expedition - 8,167m  
Dhaulagiri Expedition - 8,167m NepalDhulagiri was first climbed by the swiss in 1960. Its name is derived from sanskrit; dhavala means 'white'and giri is 'mountain' the mountain was sighted by british surveyors in India in the early 1800s and was mapped by one of the secret Indian surveyors, the pundits, in 1873 but the region remained largely unknown until a Swiss aerial Survey in 1949. In 2002 275 climbers had summited on 160 expeditions, and 55 climbers had died. The french Annapurna expedition in 1950 had permission to climb either Annapurna or Dhulagiri but decided on Annapurna after a reconnaissance of Dhulagiri. A Swiss party failed in 1953 as did a ... more details
Churen Himal Expedition - 7371m  
Churen Himal Expedition - 7371m NepalChuren Himal Expedition western Nepal & is a part of Jaljala area. This area is completely apart from the beaten paths, this trekking is for the person who love the beauty of nature and the wild valleys of course spectacular view of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Gurja himal and churen Himal and the wild valleys. The trek offer an opportunity to discover areas which remain practically an Individual lifestyle. In Churen Himal you will have a chance to trek into the mass of the Dhorpatan hills at about 3000-4300m. This area is full of rivers and fast glacial streams, lots of forest and animals. Our route crosses very nice magar villages, especially Gurja ... more details
Cholatse Expedition - 6440m  
Cholatse Expedition - 6440m NepalCholatse (also known as Jobo Lhaptshan) is a mountain in the Khumbu region of the Nepalese Himalaya. Cholatse is connected to Taboche (6,501m) by a long ridge. The Chola glacier descends off the east face. The north and east faces of Cholatse can be seen from Dughla, on the trail to Mount Everest base camp. Cholatse was first climbed via the southwest ridge on April 22, 1982 by Vern Clevenger, Galen Rowell, John Rowell and Bill O'Connor. The north face was successfully scaled in 1984. A fluted snow peak with a summit plateau on which it can be difficult to find the summit. The North side of the mountain has some futuristic-looking ... more details
Chamlang Expedition - 7319m  
Chamlang Expedition - 7319m NepalThis unique landscape shelters some of the last pristine mountain ecosystems on earth. Rare species of animals and plants flourish in diverse climates and habitats, relatively undisturbed by human kind. Over 3000 species of flowering plants, 440 species of birds, and 75 species of mammals, including the endangered clouded leopard, red panda and musk deer, have been recorded. This remarkable biodiversity is considered to be of global significance, and provides a living laboratory for international scientific research.The Barun Valley is part of a huge international protected area under an agreement between Nepal and China. The trek ... more details
Barunche Expedition - 7129m  
Barunche Expedition - 7129m NepalBaruntse, a substantial and symmetrical snow peak, has four ridges and four summits. It is bounded on the east by the Barun Glacier flowing north south from Cho, to the northwest by the Imja glacier and the Hunku glacier forms the southeast boundary. The three main ridges of Baruntse are situated between these glaciers and form an upturned 'Y'running from Cho Polu (6695m) in the north past the Humni La, on to the north summit where it divides. Other well -known mountains in this area are Makalu, Lhotse, Chamlang, Everest and the trekking-peak Mera Peak. Baruntse is one of the beautiful 7,000m peaks in Nepal. It is also one of the few ... more details
Annapurna South Expedition - 7,219m  
Annapurna South Expedition - 7,219mAnnapurna IV is located at the view of Annapurna IV. Annapurna IV lies in the heart of the Annapurna Himal and is situated between the summits of Annapurna II and Annapurna III by a spectacular ridge that connects all three mountains. This ridge is an amazing wall, which includes Annapurna I (8091m), Annapurna II (7,937m), Annapurna III (7,555m), Annapurna IV (7,525m), Gangapurna (7,454m) and Annapurna South (7,220m). The famous Machapuchare (fishtail) is also located in the Annapurna Himal. Annapurna is the 10th highest mountain in the world and was the first 8000m peak to be climbed. It was first summited in ... more details
Annapurna Expedition - 8091m  
Annapurna Expedition - 8091m NepalThe 1998 International Annapurna I South Face Expedition has been granted permission by His Majesty's Government, Kingdom of Nepal, to attempt the South Face of 8091-meter high Annapurna I during the autumn of 1998. Annapurna is significant in that it was the first 8000-meter peak ever climbed. The 1950 first ascent via the North Face was immortalized in Maurice Herzog's book "Annapurna", the sine qua non of mountaineering literature. It took 20 years for another team to succeed on the mountain. The 1970 ascent of the South Face of Annapurna by Chris Bonington's team was a landmark in the history of mountaineering ... more details
Annapurna 4th Expedition - 7525m  
Annapurna 4th Expedition - 7525m NepalAnnapurna is significant in that it was the first 8000-meter peak ever climbed. The 1950 first ascent via the North Face was immortalized in Maurice Herzog's book "Annapurna", the sine qua non of mountaineering literature. It took 20 years for another team to succeed on the mountain. The 1970 ascent of the South Face of Annapurna by Chris Bonington's team was a landmark in the history of mountaineering. This is a mountain that is among the most familiar of mountains, yet one that is very rarely climbed. Annapurna IV was first climbed in 1955 by a German expedition led by Heinz Steinmetz, via the North Face and Northwest Ridge. The ... more details
Ama Dablam Expedition - 6812m  
Ama Dablam Expedition NepalAmadablam, one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, is a technical mountain for climbing. Although the height is only 6812m it requires steep ice, rock and snow climbing. Normally, three camps are set in the approach above the base camp (4,570m), however, only two camps are used to spend the night. The normal route for climbing is South-West Ridge. The ascent from Base Camp to camp one is considered one the difficult days of the expedition. We follow old grassy moraine ridges passing through a saddle and then turning to north climbing up rocky ground and through boulders to the ridge where camp I is set up. From camp ... more details
Ganja La Chuli (Naya Kanga) Expedition- 5844m  
Ganja La Chuli (Naya Kanga) Expedition NepalGanja La Chuli (Naya Kanga) 5844m. is marvelously situated in the southern flank Langtang region of Nepal and towering over the South of alpine Langtang valley and holy lakes of Gosaikund. Its fine ridge systems provide superb climbing and spectacular scenery from a top the summit; you can gaze in wonder at the peaks of the Jugal Himal as a Dome Blanc, Langshisa Ri and at Tibet's highest Mt. Shisapangma 8035m. the last 8,000m. peak in the World to be the climbed. The normal route of ascent to Naya Kanga is via the north - East Ridge over a line on ice and snow. We follow the route of Langtang trek to Kyangjin (3,749m/12,297ft) ... more details
Chulu Weast Peak Expedition - 6419m  
Chulu West Climbing NepalAscent of Chulu West and Chulu Central are best made from a base camp in a small valley north of Manang situated off the main trail to Thorong La pass 5416m. Indeed some of the best views of this peak can be had from that pass. North-West Ridge: Go beyond the hut following the yak pastures and walk up a ridge which leads into a hidden valley where it is possible to find a good site for base camp. From this camp , ascend steep scree slopes to a col 4,900/16,076 feet), on a subsidiary ridge that leads down from the main ridge. To the north of the col ascend snow slope for 200 meters to the base of a band of rock at an altitude of 5,100 ... more details
Mt. Everest Expedition (South Col) – Nepal - 8850m  
Mt. Everest Expedition NepalThe Mount Everest is the highest peak of the World 29028ft. (8848m.) through which the climbing toppers feel them selves as the most proud and adventurous personal the World. Sir Edmond Hillary and Late Tenzing Norge Sherpa first climbed this peak in May 29, 1953 , after their long time's effort. Everest Base camp situated on is of Khumbu glacier at high of 18000ft. All the international Mt. Everest climbers assemble here during the starting and at the ending time of there climbing. Normally the climbing duration of this expedition lasts for 90 days. All the climbers who mass there at the base camp seem really busy with excitement for the ... more details
Manaslu Expedition - 8,163m  
Mount Manaslu Himal Expedition NepalMount Manaslu (8156m) was first climbed in 1956 by a Japanese expedition. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word manias, meaning "intellect" or "soul". It is the same root word as that for Manasarover, the holy lake near Mt. Kailash in Tibet. Just as the British considered Everest their mountain, Manaslu has been always regarded as the "Japanese mountain" by the Japanese; because of the Japanese people's first conquered on its top. HW Tillman and Jimmy Roberts photographed Manaslu during a trek in 1950. but the first real survery of the peak was made by a Japanese expedition in 1952. A Japanese team made the first serious ... more details
Kanchanjunga Expedition - 8586m  
Kanchanjunga Himal Expedition in NepalKanchanjunga, at 8598m, is the third-highest peak in the world and the second-highest in Nepal. It was first climbed by a British team in 1956. The peak consists of four summits. The west summit, Yalung Kang, is 8420m high and some people classify it as a separate 8000m. peak. Thee first Westerner to explore Kanchanjunga was the British botanist JD Hooker, who visited the area twice in 1848 and 1849. Exploration of the Sikkim, side of the peak continued with both British and pundit explorers mapping and photographing until 1899. In that year a party led by Douglas fresh field made a circuit of Kanchanjunga and produced what ... more details
Makalu Expedition - 8,463m  
Makalu Himala Expedition in NepalMount Makalu (8463m.) was first climbed by a French party in 1955. The peak was first mapped and photographed from the Tibetan side by the 1921 British Everest reconnaissance. Hillary and Shipton photographed mount Makalu during a side trip on the 1951 Everest reconnaissance. Hillary and others approached the peak a year later after the failure of their mount Cho Oyu expedition. The first attempt on mount Makalu was in 1954 by a US team, mostly from California , who trekked all the way from the Indian border near Biratnagar. At the same time a British team approached the mountain, but this expedition was abandoned when ... more details
Lhotse Himal Expedition - 8516m  
Nepal Mountain ExpediionMount Lhotse (8516) was climbed by a Swiss expedition in 1956. Its lower peak, mount Lhotse Shar 8383m, sometimes considered a separate 8000m peak, Mount Lhotse , which means "South peak" is a part of the Everest massif, just to the south of Everest. The primary route on mount Lhotse is via Everest's South Col. But by 1955, despite the activity on Mount Everest, Lhotse was the highest unclimbed peak in the world. The first attempt on Mount Lhotse was by an international team in 1955. One member of the party was Erwin Schneider; during this expedition, he began work on the first of the series of high-quality "Schneider maps of ... more details

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