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The Hotel Xenial, Biratnagar

The Hotel Xenial, Biratnagar, Nepal The Hotel Xenial, Biratnagar is one of the best hotels in Biratnagar which assures the guests with a comfortable stay in this picturesque city. Hotel Xenial, Biratnagar is regarded as a wonderful accommodation in this tiny city. It caters to both the foreign and domestic travelers. The hotel is moderately priced and is within the reach of all kinds of travelers. The area where the Hotel Xenial, Biratnagar is located is very well connected. A lot of ... more

Ratna Hotel Biratnagar

Ratna Hotel, Mahendra Chowk, Biratnagar, NepalUnlike many other hotels and motels, the Ratna Hotel prides itself on its friendliness, combining professionalism with sincere, relaxed smiles that allow travellers and long-term residents to unwind, relax, and enjoy a unique oasis nestled in the heart of one of Nepal's most exciting centres. Ratna Hotel has been serving commercial & leisure travellers for long & short term stays with our newly renovated rooms, we have one to suit your needs ... more

Hotel Everest Inn Biratnagar

Hotel Everest Inn, Behind Buspark, Biratnagar-15, Nepal Hotel Everest inn, as the very professional and experienced one in hotel management and tourism industry, have earned higher prestige for years among so many hotels in Biratnagar. All rooms are well-equipped and spacious with a private bathroom, a walk-in shower, an in-room safe and a mini bar. Guests at the Regency Club rooms and suites enjoy additional privileges and facilities such as the usage of the boardroom, a dedicated concierge ... more

Hotel Pachali Biratnagar

Hotel Pachali Nawa Jyoti Marg, Behind Bus Park, Biratnagar-15, NepalPanchali Hotel strategically located in the heart of the city's Biratnagar dynamic business and entertainment hubs. Takes its place among downtown Biratnagar's few high rise hotels and is both stylish and contemporary. Some major landmarks of the city that are located within accessible distance from the hotel include the Biratnagar Airport, Bus Park of Biratnagar major shopping centers of the Biratnagar town. Nepal has been a destination ... more

Hotels & Guest House in Biratnagar

Morang District Biratnagar, Nepal Biratnagar, 200km east of Janakpur, is the second largest city in Nepal and is an industrial city. Even so, it is not such a bad place. There is nothing to do here. The countryside is nice in the area. The only real reason to come here is to get a flight or bus some where else. There are various groups of people in the area, including the local Danuwars and Tharu people. The Danuwars are similar to the Tharus, but the women wear a unique embroidered sari. The border crossing at Jogbani, 5km south of town, is closed to foreigners.

Hotels in Biratnagar are wide in variety and suit the preference and budget of all kinds of travelers. The accommodations in Biratnagar are well maintained and priced according to their categories. Whether you want to have a luxurious vacation or an economical holiday, Biratnagar is always the best destination to choose. Hotels in Biratnagar have excellent amenities and a efficient services.

The Hotels in Biratnagar vary from budget hotels, inns to wonderful five star accommodations. The travelers wont have any problem in checking into any one of these as the city is very small and has not yet developed into a major tourism hub.

Biratnagar, being a second biggest city of Nepal. has a good hotels with an affroadable price.Some of the hotels of biratnagar and their address are as below:-

  • Hotel Annapurna and Lodge : Shani Mandir, Hanumandas Road Biratnagar, Nepal
  • Hotel Nilkantha : Mahabir Road Biratnagar, Nepal
  • Hotel Seven Seas Holiday Home : Old Airport 8, Biratnagar, Nepal
  • Hotel Swagatam : Roadcess Chowk Biratnagar, Nepal: is a friendly place with clean rooms. It can be noisy because it is next to the highway.
  • Rata Hotel (P) Ltd : Mahendra Chowk Biratnagar, Nepal
  • Hotel Geetanjali, Biratnagar, Nepal: Malaya Rd near the bus station, has rooms with common bath & with bath. It is a nice garden.
  • Dhankuta Lodge, Biratnagar, Nepal: across from the bus station, is a decent place with clean rooms with common bath with bath. The front rooms are noisy.
  • Kathmandu Guest House, Biratnagar, Nepal: near Traffic Chowk, has dark, quiet rooms with bath. It has a decent restaurant. It is one of the best budget places.
  • Hotel Namaskar, Biratnagar, Nepal: near Traffic Chowk on Main Rd, is a 15 minute walk from the bus stand. There are a range of clean rooms with bath & room with A/C and a sitting room. It has a good restaurant. It is a good place.
  • Hotel Xenial, Biratnagar, Nepal: has good facilities and has A/C room. It has a pool. It has a pool and a very good restaurant.
  • Hotel Eastern Star, Biratnagar, Nepal

The major religions of the city are Hinduism, Islam (Muslim), Om Santi (Indian Religion), Sai Baba(Indian Religion), Christianity and Buddhism. The main culture deeply rooted in the city people comes from Hinduism. They have 4 castes and 36 sub-castes system with upper, medium, lower and lowest caste/ class people. Untouchability still exists in huge population. There is one big temple of Hindu people called "kali Mandir"; two big mosques of Muslims; several meeting places of Om Santi, one temple of Sai Baba and unclear meeting place of Christians and Buddhists.

The main economy of Biratnagar comes from business and industry. Biratnagar exports instant noodles, biscuits and garments to India and some other cities of Nepal. It also export some garments to United States and some Europen countries. Biratnagar uses two types of currency in general trade; one is Nepalese currency - NRs. and the other is Indian currency - IRs. Biratnagar imports machinery, vehicles, computers, iron, steel, etc from India and imports clothes, slippers, shoes, etc from China. Biratnagr Sugar Mill and Biratnagar Jute Mill are the biggest industries of Biratnagar.

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, a 90 minute drive from the city is famous for its wild life, especially for bird-watching enthusiasts. Tourists discover Biratnagar on their way to Darjeeling and Sikkim. Visitors also fly to Biratnagar to begin treks to Kanchenjunga. More recently, tourists visiting to Nepal's tea growing regions like Ilam and Dhankuta often spend a day or two in Biratnagar.

Biratnagar is a historical town of Nepal. The old folk take this town as the capital of the ancient king, Birat. The ruins found in Bhediyari, southern side of Biratnagar are still in investigation. Other places around Biratnagr like Dhanpalgadhi, Kichakbodh Pond, Panchali, Gograha etc. have added the dignity of this place.

People of Biratnagar usually recreate during Hindu festivals. During festivals they play cards, kouda (Juwa; a local Nepali game), dice (a local game), carroms (a local game), etc. Man usually go out to drink with friends. The common drinks are Carlsberg, Tuborg, etc. in beer, and Vodka, Jack Daniels, etc. in liquor. But, local alcohol called "raksi" prepared locally by local people is very cheap and common among the people around the city. Young boys entertain in dance parties organized in clubs, bars or hotels during festivals although no proper discos and KTVs are in the city. Some school kids enjoy watching TV and listening to local FM at home.

Village Development Committees VDC's & Towns of Morang District:

Amaibariyati Amardaha Amgachhi Babiya Birta Bahuni Bairban Banigama Baradanga
Bayarban Belbari Bhaudaha Bhogateni Budhanagar Dainiya Dangihat Dangraha
Darbairiya Drabesh Dulari Govindapur Haraicha Hasandaha Hathimudha Hoklabari
Indrapur Itahara Jante Jhapa Baijanathpur Jhorahat Jhurkiya Kadamaha
Kaseni Katahari Kathamaha Kerabari Keron Lakhantari Letang Madhumalla
Mahadeva Majhare Matigachha Motipur Mrigauliya Necha Pathari Patigaun
Pokhariya Rajghat Ramite Khola Rangeli Sanischare Sidharaha Sijuwa Sinhadevi Sombare
Sisabanibadahara Sisawanijahada Sorabhaj Sundarpur Takuwa Tandi Tankisinuwari Tetariya
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