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Hotels & Guest in Dhankuta

Dhankuta Map: Hotels & Guest in DhankutaDhankuta District, a part of Kosi Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district covers an area of 891 km≤ and has a population (2001) of 166,479., Dhankuta is the district headquarters and a major administrative region in the Eastern region.

Dhankuta Bazaar, on the North-South Koshi Highway, is now the administrative headquarters for the Eastern Development Region, and is home to a number of offices for NGOs and aid agencies serving in the area. The large bazaar of Hile further up the road, is an important trading centre and major road head, serving the remote hinterlands of the Arun valley and Bhojpur. Villagers walk for many days from surrounding districts to trade in Hile and Dhankuta bazaars, although road building in the district may reduce the importance of these centres.

Dhankuta Bhedetar: Hotels & Guest in DhankutaThe vegetation zones in the district range from sub-tropical Sal forest along the Tamur and Arun rivers, and cooler temperate forests on some of the high ridges that mark the watershed between the two catchments. The altitude ranges from around 300m to 2500m. The majority of the population are involved in agriculture and crops include maize, rice and millet. Important cash crops include citrus fruits, cauliflower, cabbage, ginger, and in recent years, tea. A well-preserved forest (Rani Bhan - Queen's Forest) spreads along a ridge line on the northwest side of the village, with well-developed mature stands of rhododendron and pine trees.

Hotels in Dhankuta are wide in variety and suit the preference and budget of all kinds of travelers. The accommodations in Dhankuta are well maintained budget vacation or an economical holiday; Dhankuta is always the best destination to choose.

The Hotels in Dhankuta vary from budget accommodations. The travelers wonít have any problem in checking into any one of these as the city is very small and has not yet developed into a major tourism hub. Dhankuta, is not big city of Nepal. Have budget hotels with an affordable price. Some of the hotels of Dhankuta and their address are as below:-

Some Hotels & Guest in Dhankuta

  • Naulo Lodge, Dhankuta, Nepal: is a basic cheap place.
  • Hotel Parchaya, Dhankuta, Nepal: near the police station, is a pleasant, friendly place with clean rooms with common bath room. It has good views. To get here you go north up the hill and when you reach the big pipal tree in the middle of the road, this hotel is on the right.
  • Hotel Suravi, Dhankuta, Nepal: has rooms with common bath and with bath. It has a good restaurant.
  • Pucchae, next to the Hotel Parchaya, is a good restaurant.
  • Shaha Lodge, Dhankuta, Nepal:

Dhankuta is a hill town with about 20,000 inhabitants, located in the Dhankuta District in the eastern part of Nepal. Until about 1963 Dhankuta Bazaar (the town) was the administrative headquarters for the whole of north-eastern Nepal. Located a half mile above the town were the buildings of the Bada Hakim, the feudal district governor of the whole north-eastern region, a man with enormous power. The town also had the regional jail and army post. Because of Dhankuta's isolation from the lowland Terai and from Kathamandu, it was in many ways a self-governing area.

Dhankuta runs along a ridge at 1150m. The bus station is at the bottom of the ridge. Dhankuta is the administrative headquarters for eastern Nepal. Dhankuta is a laid-back town and is mainly pedestrian only.The surrounding area is totally hill. There are several places to stay, but most foreigners donít, but stay in the more interesting nearby Hile.

The Dhankuat Museum, at the top of the Bazaar, has some archeological and cultural exhibits of eastern Nepal. Open daily except Saturday. The museum you walk up the bazaar to Bhim Narayan Chowk which is a four-way intersection with a statue. Take the paved road to the right for 300m and the museum is a white building on the left. The sign is only in Nepali.

There are some good viewpoints in the area, but you canít see the Himalayas. If you are walking downhill you come to a fork. The right fork goes down to the bus station and the left fork go to a good viewpoint 40 minutes away, where you can get good views of the mountains. After following the trail for about 15 minutes the trail goes to the left, at this point you go over a bard wire fence. You then bear left and come to a small shrine, from where there are good views. It takes two hours to walk to Hile by taking the short cuts off the road. You can walk to the Rai village of Santang in about 45 minutes, where women weave beautiful shawls.

Village Development Committees VDC's & Towns of Dhankuta District:

Ahale Ankhisalla Arkhaule Jitpur Basantatar Belhara Bhdhabare Bhirgaun Bodhe
Budhabare Budi Morang Chanuwa Chhintang Chungmang Danda Bazar Dandagaun Dhankuta
Faksib Falate Ghortikharka Hathikharka Jitpur Arkhaule Khoku Khuwafok Kuruletenupa
Leguwa Mahabharat Marek Katahare Maunabuthuk Mudebas Muga Murtidhunga Pakhribas
Parewadin Raja Rani Sanne Tankhuwa Telia Vedatar 1 1