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Nirvana Country Club

Nirvana Country Club, Health and Golf Resort Nirvana Country Club, Health and Golf Resort is one of the best resort and golf course in the kingdom of Nepal . It was built by British in 1962 in Ghopa Camp, Dharan, and Eastern Nepal . This is one of the biggest and oldest golf courses in Nepal within a area 69 hectares of land. We have 20 fully furnished Bungalows AC and Non-AC, conference facility, eighteen hole golf course, yoga, meditation, natural health center, tennis, squash ... more

Hotels & Guest House in Dharan

Dharan, Sunsari Map, NepalDharan's history can be traced back to 1584 A.D,to ten Kingdoms of Limbuwan which was also known as Pallo Kirat Pardesh (a collective of Ten Kirant Limbu Kingdoms). Dharan-Bijaypur was the capital city of the Morang kingdom of Limbuwan region. This was prior to conquest and annexation of the Kirat Kingdom by Gorkha King, King Prithivi Narayan Shah. Dharan was known as Bijaypur until the 1950s when the settlement grew on the southern portion of Bijaypur and took its own name of Dharan. History of Limbuwan shows that Dharan/Bijaypur was an important town.

The Hotels in Dharan vary from budget hotels, inns to wonderful five star accommodations. The travelers wont have any problem in checking into any one of these as the city is very small and has not yet developed into a major tourism hub. You may pass through this town while traveling eastern Nepal. Dharan is 16km north of the Mahendra Highway. Dharan is where the British Army used to have a Gurkha Camp. It is possible to visit the old British Gurkha Camp. It is a quiet place.

Dharan, Sunsari, NepalOutsiders can use the facilities at the Dharan Country Club, which include a golf course, swimming pool, tennis court and squash court, for a fee. Dharan has good hotels with an affordable price. Some of the hotels of Dharan and their address are as below:-

  • Hotel Aangan
    : Putali Bazaar, Dharan, Nepal: Total Rooms: 20 Rooms, Description: Hotel Aagan has owned its reputaion in Dharan. Its one of the oldest hotels in Dharan providing lodging & fooding to visitors since 1994. The biggest service this hotel provides is the family enviroment it serves.
  • Hotel Ambassador: Bhanu Chowk, Dharan, Nepal: Total Rooms: 15, Description: Hotel Ambassador is situated near the bus park. Its got very homely enviroment and the service here is pretty good. This hotel is the right place to be if you want to stay near the main chowk of Dharan and want to get easy access on transportation
  • Pancha Kanya Resort: Amaar Haat, Dharan, Nepal: Description: Pancha Kanya Resort is situated on top of the Pancha Kanya Hill. Its been built beautifully on side of the hill. This resort also has a small collection of wild animals like antlers, porcupine and other animals. Its got a small playground for childrens to play along.
  • Shristi Guest House: Dharan, Nepal: a five-minute walk from the bus stand, has well-maintained rooms. There are several other basic places in town.
  • BAPSO Guest House: Dharan, Nepal: is a nice place with clean rooms.
  • Hotel Family Inn: Dharan, Nepal: near the bus park, is fairly quiet and clean rooms.
  • Bamboo House: Dharan, Nepal: at the Hotel Gurans east of Bhanu Chowk, is has good Indian and Nepali food.
  • Hotel Dreamland: Attached Bathroom/ Parking
  • Hotel Panas: Dharan 2, Attached Bathroom/ Parking
  • Hotel Pilgrim Saanjh: Dharan 9, Attached Bathroom/ Parking
  • Chimal Restaurant: Dharan, Nepal: is a good place.

Dharan is a tourist destination in its own right. Communication is mainly in Nepali and English. People who are English speakers should have no problem comprehending many signs and road maps in Nepal. Beyond Bhedetar lies the eastern hilly district such as Dhankuta, Bhojpur,Phidim, Terathum. Dharan serves as a gateway to some of the remote tourist attractions like Kumbhakarna Himal, Kanchenjunga, Makalu-Varun National Park, Arun Valley, Tinjure-Milke (Rhododendron Protection Area), Gupha Lake, Hyatrung Fall, and Sabha Pokhari. They are quite further and therefore require extended day trips.

To the south of Dharan is the city of Biratnagar and connecting towns, all within an hours drive. The towns of Tararah and Itahari are popular with the local population of Dharan. Dharan, with its diverse population has numerous centers of worship i.e. temples, churches and a mosque. Vijayapur hill is of a particular significance, as it has several temples of importance, such as Dantakali temple, Pindeshwar temple, Budha Subbha temple and Panch Kanya. These temples are of historical and archaeological importance in as much as religious. These temples are centers for rituals, fares and events.

Different ethnic groups host their traditional cultural festivities all year around. The Dhan naach and Chyabrum naach of Limbus, Lakhe naach and Gai jatra of Newars, Sakela Sili naach of Rai people, Selo of Tamangs, Rodighar of Gurungs, Baalan and Sangini of Brahmin and Chhetris, all add to the cultural tradition of Dharan.

Other potential tourism prospects include:

  • White water rafting in Kosi river, starting from Chatara to Kosi Barrage.
  • Paragliding from surrounding hills and Bhedetar for the dare-devils.
  • Development of Panchakanya, a Natural Park into a mini zoo.
  • Archeological dig at the ruins of the palaces of the Kirat Limbu kings at the heart of the Panchakanya jungle.History of Limbuwan
  • Protection and development of flora and fauna of Chaarkose forest.
  • Cable car at Dharan-Bishnupaduka-Baraha Kshetra.
  • Better advertisement of Babadham fair.
  • Construction of an airport in Dharan.

Some measures taken by the Municipality of Dharan to promote tourism:

  • Emphasis on the development infrastructures of the city.
  • Support development and management of Pindeshwar Babadham fair, Baraha Kshetra fair and Bishnupaduka fair to promote religious tourism.
  • Budhasubba Football Tournaments coordinated by the municipality every year.
  • Annual publication of a brochure and city information of Dharan.
  • Publication and distribution of postcards and photographs of Dharan and Bhedetar.
  • Promote Dharan festivals. E.g. Dharan Mahotsav.
  • Dharan Clock Tower.
  • Development of the Saptarangi Park (Park of Seven Colours) and Panchakanya Natural Park.
  • Financial and other assistance to the development of a privately run Yalambar Park.

There is an airport one-hour south in Biratnagar from where there are several daily flights to Kathmandu. Buses departing in the afternoon to Kathmandu should be booked ahead. There are buses twice an hour to Biratnagar and regular buses to Kakarbhitta and Hile. You connect with buses to other places at Biratnagar or Itahari, the junction of the two highways. There are crowded local buses to Dhankuta. It is also possible to get a jeep to Dhankuta.

Hotels in Dharan are wide in variety and suit the preference and budget of all kinds of travelers. The accommodations in Dharan are well maintained and priced according to their categories. Whether you want to have a luxurious vacation or an economical holiday, Dharan is always the best destination to choose. Hotels in Dharan have excellent amenities and a efficient services.

Village Development Committees VDC's & Towns of Sunsari District:

Aekamba Amaduwa Amahibelaha Aurabarni Babiya Bakalauri Barahachhetra
Basantapur Bhadgau Sinawari Bhaluwa Bharaul Bhokraha Bishnupaduka Chadwela
Chhitaha Chimdi Dewanganj Dharan Dhuskee Duhabi Dumaraha
Gautampur Hanshpokha Harinagar Haripur Itahari Jalpapur Kaptanganj
Khanar Laukahi Madhelee Madhesa Madhuwan Madhyeharsahi Mahendranagar
Narshinhatappu Pakali Panchakanya Paschim Kasuha Prakashpur Purbakushaha
Ramganj Belgachhi Ramganj Senuwari Ramnagar Bhutaha Sahebganj Santerjhora Simariya Singiya
Sonapur Sripurjabdi Tanamuna 1 1 1 1