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Hotel Srinagar, Tansen, Palpa

Hotel Srinagar, Tansen, Palpa Hotel Srinagar is the best hill resort in Lumbini Zone, the Zone which is named after Lumbini, the birth place of Lord 'Buddha', the Light of Asia.' It has a very pleasant and lovely setting with homely atmosphere. Here mother nature offers uninterrupted peace, tranquility and relaxation. It is built in the area of nearly 9 ropanies land at the top of Tansen named Batase Danda. Batase Danda literlly means a windy hill. It is an important ... more

Hotels & Guest House in Tansen Palpa

View from Srinagar, Tansen Palpa, NepalPalpa District, a part of Lumbini Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district, with Tansen as its headquarters, covers an area of 1,373 km≤ and has a population (2001) of 268,558.

In the past Tansen was on the trade route between the plains and the hills. Tansen is between Pokhara (5 hr, 110km) and Sunauli/Bhairawa (2 hr, 55 km), just off the Siddhartha Highway, and is a pleasant place to stop on the way between the two places. It is the administrative center for the area. It is known for metalware and dhaka, the material made into the Nepali topis hats. Not many visitors come here. It is also known as Palpa and Tansing, the original Magar name.

Tansen Palpa, Map NepalThere are great views of the Madi Valley from town. There are some interesting walks in the area. It is a good two hours walk to the Kali Gandaki River and the large, deserted Ranighat Palace. From the close by hill call Srinagar Danda, there are excellent views of the Himalaya Mountains.

Most of the people in Tansen are Newars who mainly migrated in the 19th century when trade opportunities opened up here. Most of the people in the surrounding area are Magars and there are also Chhetris and Bahuns.

Located on a hillside a few kilometres off the Siddharta Highway between Pokhara and Lumbini, Tansen is definitely off the beaten track. This attractive little hill station boasts a marvelous climate, a lively ambience and remarkably friendly and open people. It is a worth while place to visit. If you plan to come here during a major festival you should book a room months in advance.
  • KaruwanTansen Palpa Made in NepalThere are very few tourist standard hotels in Tansen.
  • Hotel Srinagar, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal: on the ridge above town 2km away, is a comfortable place that has rooms. It is well located and has great views. It is best to call in advance to make sure that have a room available. It is used mainly by tour groups. It is a good way above the town.
  • The White Lake Hotel Tansen, Palpa, Nepal: up the hill, has comfortable rooms. It has good views and is a good value.
  • Simple tourist standard hotels in Tansen.
  • Gauri Shankar Guest House, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Hotel Gulmeli and Restaurant, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • The Bajra Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal: a little up the hill, has clean rooms with common bath and with bath and hot water.
  • Nanglo West, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal: a branch of a Kathmandu-based restaurant, has a pleasant indoor and outdoor seating area. It serves really good Nepali and Newar food, and decent Western food.
  • Doko Restaurant, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal: has Tibetan and Newari food.
  • Sital Pathi square, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Other hotels which offer attached bathrooms are :
  • Hotel Simrik, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Hotel Dhawalagiri, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Amrit Guesthouse, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Hotels having rooms without attached bathrooms are:
  • New Everest Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Gautam Siddhartha Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal: up the hill, has basic, quiet, clean rooms.
  • Sherchan Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Shringa Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • There are large number of low budget accomodation around the buspark. Some of them:
  • Mohan Guesthouse, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Juniya Maiya Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Rampur Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Rambhapani Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Sangam Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • New Gulmi Hungeli Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Gulmi Malika Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Sharma Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Jorte Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • New Hira Hotel, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Hotel Chherlung, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
  • Thakali Hotel and Lodge, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal

Before Nepal was united, Tansen was the capital of the Palpa kingdom ruled by the Sen Dynasty. The history of Tansen dates back to the 16th century. Prithvi Narayan Shah, who united Nepal, mother was from the Sen Family. For years the Gorkha and Palpa kingdoms were in alliance and combined they took control of western Nepal. In 1806, Prithivipal Sen, the last king of Palpa, was asked to come to Kathmandu and he was beheaded. Palpa became parted of the Kathmandu kingdom and Tansen became the administrative city for the area. Members of the Shah and Rana family have ruled the region, often after being exiled from Kathmandu trying to overthrow the king of the time.

The tourist office can recommend some excellent walks to viewpoints and villages around Tansen and there are great views over the bowl-shaped Madi Valley from several points around town. A sheet of mist normally hangs over the valley till mid-morning, earning it the nickname 'White Lake'. For sweeping Himalaya views, head up to Shreenagar Danda, the forested peak above Tansen.

Srinagar Danda
Srinagar Danda is a 1600m high hill just north of Tansen, from where there are excellent views over the Kali Gandaki River of the Himalaya. You can see Kanjiroba in the west to Annapurna and to Langtang in the east.

Village Development Committees VDC's & Towns of Palpa District:

Archale Argali Bahadurpur Baldengadhi Bandi Pokhara Barandi
Bhairabsthan Bhuwan Pokhari Birkot Bodhapokharathok Boudhagumba Chappani
Chhahara Chidipani Chirtungdhara Darchha Darlamdanda Deurali
Devinagar Dobhan Fek Foksingkot Gadakot Galgha
Gegha Gothadi Haklang Humin Hungi Jalpa
Jhadewa Jhirubas Juthapauwa Jyamire Kachal Kaseni
Khaliban Khaniban Khanichhap Khanigau Khasyoli Khyaha
Koldada Kusumkhola Madanpokhara Mainadi Masyam Mityal
Mujhung Narayanmatales Palung Mainadi Pipaldada Pokharathok Rahabas
Rampur Ringneraha Rupse Sahalkot Satyawati Siddheshwor
Siluwa Somadi Tahu Tansen Telgha Thu
Timurekha Walamalang Yangha 1 1 1