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Hotel Dhaulagiri V. Resort

Hotel Dhaulagiri V. Resort, Beni, Magdi, Nepal Nepal has every category of accommodation facilities that range from the international standard star hotels to budget hotels and lodges. Beni is the district headquarters of Myagdi District in Dhawalagiri Zone, Nepal. It is located on the confluence of Kali River and Myagdi river at an altitude of 799 metres. It is the northernmost of the Tri-cities area of Nepal. It is located 15 Km to the north of Zonal headquarters Baglung. it is a bustling town ... more

Beni, Magdi, Nepal

Hotels & Guest Houses with information of Beni, Magdi, Nepal Beni (2821'0N 8334'0E ) is the district headquarters of Myagdi District in Dhawalagiri Zone, Nepal. It is located on the confluence of Kali River and Myagdi river at an altitude of 799 metres. It is the northernmost of the Tri-cities area of Nepal. It is located 15 Km to the north of Zonal headquarters Baglung. it is a bustling town lined with stores, restaurants, hotels and various government offices.

Myagdi District, a part of Dhawalagiri Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district, with Beni as its district headquarters, covers an area of 2,297 km and has a population (2001) of 114,447.

Hotels & Guest Houses with information of Beni, Magdi, Nepal There some view points and places from where visitors could fulfill different types of recreational desires by multidimensional tourism activities. Any one can watch panoramic scene of Himalaya and landscape, can observe flora, fauna, and village life style also. Different kinds of tourism activities could occur in a place in a visit like recreational tourism, Eco-tourism, Village Tourism and Cultural Tourism etc. Some of them are described as below.

Ghorpani is a most famous tourism spot in Annapurna region. It is entry point to Myagdi district, which lies on the way of Annapurna circuit through Nayapool, Ullery to Tatopani from Pokhara. Ghorepani is beautiful village of Magar ethnic group. It is situated at 2800 m altitude. It lies in Sikha V.D.C. of Myagdi district. There are hotels, lodges and restaurant facilities for tourists. Visitors can reach there in a day from Pokhara. Anyone can go to Beni from Ghorepani in a single day. Main attractions of that place are as follows:

Poon Hill
Poon Hill is famous view point for tourists. It is situated at the height of 3200 m. It takes just 2 / 3 hours to reach there from Ghorepani. From there all parts of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Himalayan range, Phewa Lake of Pokhara, almost all parts of Myagdi, Baglung and Parbat district can be viewed. Tourists can also watch sunrise from there. There are facilities of tower and telescope for clear vision

In Ghorepani there is a large area covered by jungle of Rhododendron. It is considered as the largest jungle of Rhododendron in the world. Most than 16 species of Rhododendron flowers can be found. That is suitable for Jugle safari trek and eco-tour.

Magar Community
Main dwellers of Ghorepani are Magars. Village of that community are the attractions for tourists. Nagi, Ramche, Sikha, Paudar, Khibang are attractive villages in this region. Life style and local culture, feast and festivals and rituals may impress visitors. Khayabaraha, Tatopani are native places of Ghorepani.

Dhorpatan is a large valley covered by dense forest and grassland. That is the habitat of different kinds of wild animals and birds. It is as recognized as Dhorpatan Hunting Reservation area which was declared in 1978 by government. This reservation area covers 1,325 sq. km. 126 km part of Dhorapat lies in Myagdi district. Other parts lie in Baglung and Rukum district. People of Tibetan origin are living around Dhorpatan. Flora is typical of middle hill with good strands of forests interspersed with agricultural and pasture lands. The northern sections of the walk is rich in wild life including musk deer, grey wolf, red panda and many more common spices. Dhorpatan is 75km far west from Beni Bazar, the district headquarter of Myagdi. It takes nealy 3 days to reach there from Beni by foot.

Gurja Khani
Gurja village is located far west from Beni. It is a small valley lies in the lap of Gurja Himal. It is the village of minority Chhantyal community. This is surrounded by dense forest. To reach there one has to cross Gurja Deurali of 3500 m height GurjaDeurali from where rare scene of moving glaciers without lens can be viewed. It takes 2 days time to reach there from Beni.

Todke and Gajane are the middle mountain ridges near Beni Bazar. They are the viewpoints of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain range and glaciers. Gajane is closer to Beni Bazar. It takes 3/4hours to reach at the summit from Beni, which lies in Pulachour VDC. Todke is farther from Beni. It takes 5/6 hours to reach there, which lay Kunhun V.D.C. It is famous for the vegetable, radish. There is a small village on the top of the hill surrounded by the jungle.

Religious Tourism
There are famous religious places carrying prospective of religious tourism. They were pilgrimages and living place of ethically reputed persons in ancient time. The history of that goes to pre-historical period.

Galeswerdham is a famous pilgrimage of Hindus. There are temples of God Shive and others god. They are constructed on a huge rock .It is a pre-historical and ethical importance. Being place of God Jad bharat(an incarnation of God Vishnu) and King Raghugana it is very important pilgrimage of Hindus in national level. It is located bank of the KaliGandaki and Raghuganga Rivers 3 km far north from Beni bazaar.

Pulahshram (pachhai) is the ashram of Rishi Pulastya who assumed to be the grand father of Lankesh King Ravan in pre-historical era. Hindus take it as a sacred holey place. It has both religious and historical importance; located 2km North -West from Beni bazaar on 1750 m height. In the locality, called Pachhai is a very suitable viewpoint of sight seen to Himalayan range and landscape of river's valleys and hillside.

The Pulashram is an ethically important place. Its name is mentioned in Hindu's popular ethics like Shrimadvagbat Purana, Barah Purana, Ramayana, Mahabharat etc. According to that some great ethically heroes like as: Emporer Bharat,God Balaram(brother of god Krishna) , philosopher Kapilmuni, Ravan and his father Bishrawa had visited the Pulahshram. Therefore, it is great pilgrimage of Hindus with great potentiality of religious tourism.

Beni Bazaar
Beni Bazaar; the district headquarter of Myagdi is a significant pilgrimage itself along with several temples and monuments. The Shivalay monument of 16th century that has uniqueness of structure. A big banyan tree is planted on the temple. thre are others famous temples and sacred place in the Beni. They are Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Bhagwati Mandir, Mahaarnisthan, Buddha Bihar, Kot Bhandar etc . Beni is the junction (Dovan) of KaliGandaki and Myagdi River, They are holey rivers of the Hindus as Mantra of ' Jayanti Mangala Kali .' . Therefore, it is renowned pilgrimage of Hindus with the immense potentiality of religious tourism.

Jagannath temple is famous pilgrimage in Myagdi. It was established by Parbate King, Dimba Bam Malla in 1550 B.S. It is located at the height of 2100 m in Pulachaur V.D.C. It is 6km west north far from Beni Bazar. It is near Dolthana and Pulaashram .

Malikasthan , Takumkot , Shikh Deurali, Rikhar - Mandali, Khayar Barah are others famous pilgrimage and holey places of the district. They are located in very remote area and high level. The Khayar Barah is located near to Annapurna Mountain, Rikhar is in near the the Dhaulagiri Himal and The malika is on hilltop of 3200m high.

Other Potentiality for Adventure Tourism
Mountain biking, rock climbing, mountain flight, bungy jumping, Mountain Race activities can be conducted in the district. There are suitable places in the district for adventure tourism.

Rivers (Rafting/Kayaking / Canoeing)
There are major three rivers, which may be used for rafting and kayaking in the district. Kalagandaki is the famous river in the country for rafting. Myagdi Khola and Ranghu Ganga are suitable for that with sufficient flow and speed of water current. These potentialities have to explore and highlighted.

Village Development Committees VDC's of Myagdi District:

Arman Arthunge Babiyachaur Baranja Begkhola Bhakilmi Bima Chimkhola
Dagnam Dana Darwang Devisthan Dhatan Dowa Gurja Khani Histhan Mandali
Jhin Jyamrukot Kuhunkot Kuinemangale Lulang Malkwang Marang Mudi
Muna Narchyang Niskot Okharbot Pakhapani Patlekhet Pulachaur Rakhu Bhagawati
Rakhupiple Ramche Ratnechaur Roomaga Shikha Singa Takam Tatopani