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Agaman Hotel

Agaman Hotel, Dhading Bensi, Dhading, NepalNepal has every category of accommodation facilities that range from the international standard star hotels to budget hotels and lodges. Dhading besi is a district headquarter of the Dhading District in Nepal. The word besi in the Nepali language means lowlands, the reason many people settled here. It is a small town situated along the banks of two rivers, Arung and Thopal khola (khola means a small river in Nepali). The town has three ... more

Dhading Information

Photo: Dhading Bensi, NepalDhading besi is a district headquarter of the Dhading District in Nepal. The word besi in the Nepali language means lowlands, the reason many people settled here. It is a small town situated along the banks of two rivers, Arung and Thopal khola (khola means a small river in Nepali). The town has three major market hubs - Bus park bazaar, Bich Bazaar, and Bijuli Bazaar. Being a district headquarter, most of the governmental offices are located here. As of 2000, plans were in place to pave the road leading to King Prithvi Highway. 

Dhading District, a part of Bagmati Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district, with Dhading Besi as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,926 km² and has a population of 338,658.

Photo: Dhading Map, NepalThe district spreads from 27'40" E to 28'17" E and 80'17"N to 84'35"N. The mountain range "Ganesh" is the predominate mountain range located within Dhading. Some of the peaks are over 7,000 meters. The 8,000+ meter mountain "Manaslu" is clearly visible from much of Dhading, although it is located within the bounds of Gorkha. The transnational "King Prithivi Highway" connecting Kathmandu and Pokhara runs through the southern portion of the district making for easy access too the Kathmandu valley. The road parallels the "Trishuli" River.

The western border with Gorkha is bisected by the "Budhi Gandaki" river and this river valley is a great entrance to the Himals of Gorkha (with views of the Ganesh range), not to mention one of the prettier rivers of Nepal. The towns of Salantar and Arun Ghat should get you pointed in the right direction.

Photo: Dhading Bensi, NepalThe district is bounded by:-
East:Kathmandu, Rasuwa, Nuwakot
West: Gorakha
North:Rasuwa and Tibet
South: Makwanpur and Chitwan

The main rivers of the district are Trishuli river and Budhi Gandaki river. Budhi Gandaki separates the district from Gorkha district. There are 25 small rivers, the main being Charoudi, Malekhu, Galtukhola, Belkhukhola, Chirandikhola, Maheshkhola, Thopal, Manukhola, Kastekhola, Mastekhola, Surgandhi, Ankhusalyantar. Besides these, there are over 1743 smaller rivers, springs and seasonal streams.

Photo: Dhading Bensi, NepalThe people of the district are primarily Brahmin and Chhetri in the south and Tamang and Gurung in the north, with much of the center Newari. The famous King Prithivi Naryan Shah/Gurkha route crosses through Dhading.

Towns and villages
Agnichok· Baireni· Baseri· Benighat. Bhumesthan· Budhathum· Chainpur· Chhatre Dyaurali· Darkha· Dhading Besi· Dhola· Dhussa· Dhuwakot· Gajuri· Gaunkharka· Gerkhu· Ghussa· Goganpani· Gumdi· Jeewanpur· Jharlang· Jogimara· Jyamaruk· Kalleri· Katunge· Kebalpur· Khalte· Khari· Kiranchok· Kumpur· Lapa· Mahadevsthan· Maidi· Marpak· Mulpani· Murali Bhanjyang· Nalang· Naubise· Nilkantha· Phulkharka· Pida· Ree Gaun· Salang· Salyankot· Salyantar· Sangkosh· Satyadevi· Semjong· Sirtung· Sunaula Bazar· Tasarpu· Thakre· Tipling· Tripureswor.

Photo: Dhading Bensi, NepalDhading district lies immediately west of Kathmandu, stretching from the Ktm–Pokhara Prithivi Highway to the Ganesh Himal range and the Tibetan border. With elevations varying from 488 to 7909 m. above sea level, we find sub-tropical, temperate and alpine climates. Average annual rainfall is around 2,121 ml. Dading Besi can be reached by bus from Kathmandu. The trip takes 4–6 hours, depending on the traffic and road conditions. Several rivers, among them the Budhi Gandaki, the Trishuli and the Mahesh, run through the district. In addition to panoramic mountain views of the famous Ganesh Himal, Dhading also boasts such scenic attractions as Bridaing Kunda and Ganesh Kunda lakes and the waterfall at Ganga-Jamuna. Dhading district, like Nepal as a whole, is marked by cultural plurality. Hindus predominate in the lower regions; in the higher areas there live a great variety of ethnic groups, primarily Tibetan Buddhist in culture and religion. The main languages spoken are Nepali and Tamang, with sizeable groups of Magar, Gurung, Newari and Rai-Kirati speakers.

Photo: Dhading Bensi, NepalLabour-intensive subsistence agriculture remains the main occupation. This in turn has meant that larger, traditional family groups are still the rule. Wheat and potatoes are among the main crops. Massive destruction of the natural forest area due to over-exploitation and mismanagement has decreased the total forest cover in Dhading. Now, under the concept of community forestry , local forest user groups have been introduced, and today much of the previous degraded forest area has regained its original composition.

Dhading boasts a considerable potential for trekking tourism, which could benefit the local communities and raise the standard of living. As yet, however, very little exists in the way of tourism infrastructure, nor is there any overall management, as elsewhere with Nepal's national parks and conservation areas. As part of a larger project to promote sustainable eco-tourism in Dhading district, the Kathmandu Environmental Education Project has been requested to provide volunteer teachers to a total of seven rural schools. To date, KEEP volunteers have taught at schools in the Sertung, Borung and Lapa village areas.

Village Development Committees VDC's & Towns of Dhading District:

Aaginchok Baireni Baseri Benighat Bhumesthan Budhathum Chainpur Chhatre Dyaurali
Darkha Dhading Besi Dhola Dhussa Dhunwakot Gajuri Ghussa Goganpani
Gumdi Jeewanpur Jharlang Jogimara Jyamaruk Kalleri Katunge Kebalpur
Khalte Khari Kiranchok Kumpur Lapa Mahadevsthan Maidi Marpak
Mulpani Murali Bhanjyang Nalang Naubise Neelkantha Phulkharka Pinda Ree
Salang Salyankot Salyantar Sankosh Satyadevi Semjong Sertung Sunaula Bazaar
Tasarpu Thakre Tipling Tripureswor 1