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Jomsom Mountain Resort

Jomsom Mountain Resort If there be a paradise on earth, this is it, this is it...! The Jomsom Mountain Resort below the Nilgiri Mountain. Jomsom Mountain Resort is a 100 room international standard 5 star hotel on a superb plateau at Jomsom. The hotel will be unique, not only in Nepal but also in the entire sub-continent. This ethnic multi-million dollar hotel will be open to visiting guests from December 1999. It is the only resort in Nepal that fully meets the ... more

Ker & Downey Sacred Mountain

Ker & Downey Sacred Mountain Lodge Trekking in Annapurna AreaKer & Downey offers the finest, most complete adventure programs in Nepal. Our programs enable you to experience all aspects of this wonderful exciting country. Located in the Annapurna Mountains, we offer walking trails using purpose built lodges constructed and managed by an American company with 20 years experience in both Africa and Nepal. All lodges are a days walk apart and allow guests to experience in comfort some of the ... more

Annapurna Summit Lodge - Kagbeni

Annapurna Summit Lodge (Kagbeni)Nestled in the river valley of the Kaligandaki, Lodge Thasang Village receives the blessings of the glorious mountains of the Himalayan range from all four directions. The view from the lodge encompasses the best views of the magnificent Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri and the vast river valley below where the winds dance and the river twirls. It is where sounds from the bells of passing herds of cattle and the gush of the winds transform into music; and ... more

Ker & Downey Royal Nepal Spectacular

Ker & Downey Royal Nepal Spectacular Trekking Annapurna AreaStarting and ending in Kathmandu, this 13 night / 14 day itinerary is considered to be one of the most comprehensive programs offered in Nepal. It allows guests to experience all aspects of this wonderful and exciting country. It has been designed so that the minimum amount of time is spent travelling between each destination, enabling one to enjoy the best that each activity can provide. The Royal Nepal Spectacular features the 5-star ... more

Hotels & Guest Houses in Jomson

Hotels & Guest Houses & Other Information of Jomson, Mustang, NepalJomsom, also known as Dzongsam or New Fort, is a town located at an altitude of 2800m in Mustang, Nepal. It extends over both the banks of the Kali Gandaki River. Along the banks of Kali Gandaki river there are rocks holy to the Hindus. The soaring peaks of Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri form a backdrop.
As the district headquarters, it is primarily an administrative and commercial center with government officials and merchants rubbing shoulders with the local residents of the region, known as Thakalis. A company of the Nepalese Army is stationed here. Nearby is Jomsom Airport from where there are regular flights.

Hotels & Guest Houses & Other Information of Jomson, Mustang, NepalA trail passes through the Lower Mustang region of Nepal, ending at the village of Kagbeni, a Tibetan influenced village filled with prayer wheels, shortens and a Buddhist monastery. The trail follows the Kali Gandaki River which forms the deepest ravine in the world; on one side lies the Annapurna mountain range and on the other side is Dhaulagiri. Between the two ranges, there are views of 8 of the 20 highest mountains in the world. The Kali Gandaki is a quarter of a mile wide river bed; during the winter the river will be dry, but during the summer and monsoon it fills with rain water and melting snow. The scenery of the trail ranges from forests of brilliant red rhododendrons to rocky cliffs and desert. The culture along the track is a rich mixture of Hindu and Tibetan Buddhism. The trail's highest point is Muktinath at 3800 m, a holy site of temples sacred to both Buddhists and Hindus for centuries.

Hotels & Guest Houses & Other Information of Jomson, Mustang, NepalMustang (from Tibetan Mun Tan (Wylie smon-thang) which means fertile plain) is the former Kingdom of Lo and now part of Nepal, in the north-east of that country, bordering Tibet on the Central Asian plateau between the Nepalese provinces of Dolpo and Manang. It is roughly 80 km long (north-south) and 45 km at its widest, and is at an elevation of over 2500 m. Mustang is also known as a "Tibet outside the Tibetan Border" for it survived the Chinese invasion of 1951 and hence it fosters the original Tibetan culture, although it is now politically part of Nepal. Life in Mustang revolves around animal husbandry and trade. The region is the easiest corridor through the Himalayas linking the Tibetan Plateau and Central Asia with the tropical Indian plains, and it enjoyed a trans-Himalayan trade. Because of its strategic importance it went through many wars, and hence various cultural and religious practices thrived in parallel in Mustang.

It is largely dry and arid (annual precipitation is in the range of 250400 mm) due to its position in the rain shadow of the Annapurna massif towards the south.

The population is over 9,000, spread between three towns and approximately thirty smaller settlements; the people are either Thakalis, Gurung or Tibetan.

Most of the population of Mustang live near the river, 2-3,000 m above sea level, but the tough conditions cause a large seasonal migration into lower regions of Nepal. The administrative centre of the district is at Jomsom (Dzong Sampa), population 5,363 (1998), which has had an airport since 1962 and has become the main tourist centre since the area was opened to tourism in the 1970s.

The main feature of Mustang is the Gandaki River, its valley and tributaries. The river runs north-east to south-west towards Nepal Terai, bisecting the territory. It once served as the major trade route between Tibet and India, especially for salt. Part of the river valley, the Thak Khola, forms the deepest gorge in the world.

Mustang was once an independent kingdom, although closely tied by language and culture to Tibet. From the 15th century to the 17th century, its strategic location granted Mustang control over the trade between the Himalayas and India. At the end of the 18th century the kingdom was annexed by Nepal.

However, the monarchy ceased to exist as the Kingdom of Lo in Upper (northern) Mustang, with its capital at Lo Manthang on October 7, 2008, by order of the Government of Nepal. The last king (raja or gyelpo) was Jigme Palbar Bista (b. 1930), who traces his lineage back to Ame Pal, the warrior who is said to have founded the Buddhist kingdom in 1350.

Even though foreign visitors have been allowed to the region since 1991, tourism to Upper Mustang is regulated. Foreigners need to obtain a special permit to enter, which costs US$500 per 10 days per person. In 2007, a shepherd in Mustang discovered a collection of 55 cave paintings depicting the life of Buddha.

Mustang District, a part of Dhawalagiri Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district, with Jomsom as its headquarters, covers an area of 3,573 km and has a population (2001) of 14,981.

The district lies across the Himalayas in the Tibetan plateau and includes Lho Mang Thang, the last small kingdom under one of the few Nepalese principality titular kings, King Jigme Palwar Bista. The principality was abolished by the Nepalese government on October 7, 2008. The district is famous for Muktinath (a popular Hindu pilgrimage site), its apples, and Marpha brandy. Mustang was a lost kingdom of Tibet, and was acquired some five centuries ago by Janga Bahadur Thapa. Although it is now part of Nepal, traditions remains purely Tibetan in the upper part of Mustang.

Some Hotels & Guets in Jomsom

  • Jomsom Mountain Resort, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Airport-Inn., Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Alka Marco polo, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • The Dancing Yak Lodge, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Dreamland, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Himalayan-Inn, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Holiday Home, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Krishnu Guest House, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Laligurans, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Majesty, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Mona Lisa, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Moonlight Guesthouse, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Mountain Breeze, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Mountain view, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Neeru Guest House, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Nilgiri View, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • OM's Home, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Snowland, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Tilicho, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Trekkers-Inn, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel The Windy Valey, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Hotel Xanadu, jomsom, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
    Opposite the second suspension bridge when you are going from the airport towards Muktinath are two more possibilities for accommodation.
  • Annapurna Guesthouse, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:
  • Thak-Khola Lodge, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal:

Village Development Committees VDC's of Mustang District:

Charang Chhonhup Chhoser Chhusang Dhami Jhong Jomsom Kagbeni
Kowang Kunjo Lete Lo Manthang Marpha Muktinath Surkhang Tukuche