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Yeti Mountain Home Namche

Yeti Mountain Home is a chain of resort hotels in NamcheNestled at an altitude of 3440m, Namche is the capital of Khumbu valley and the oldest trade centre of the region. Every Saturday there is a mass gathering in the local markets as people from different parts of the region arrive, to trade and socialize. It becomes even more crowded during the tourist season, as it is the main junction of trekkers from various routes.The resort is located just above the traditional village in an idyllic location ... more

Hotel Everest View, Syangboche

Everest View Hotel, SyangbocheYou cannot see the hotel until you are almost there. Hidden on a ridge overlooking Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Thamserku and Tawoche, the hotel blends gracefully with its surrounding. Ancient stones carved with the Tibetan Buddhist inscription 'Om mani padme hum' form part of the hotel's interior walls, a constant reminder of the deep religious sentiments of the local people towards their land mountains. The hotel's rooms ... more

Yeti Mountain Home, Thame

Yeti Mountain Home is a chain of resort hotelsSituated at the end of Khumbu Valley, Thame stands tall at an altitude of 3800m . It is remote, and untouched by the effects of modern civilization. Internationally recognized as the home of world famous Mountaineers such as renowned Tenzing Norgay Sherpa: the first ever Mount Everest summiter in the mountaineering history, Ang Rita Sherpa: recognized as snow leopard and Apa Sherpa: who has climbed Everest more than any ... more

Everest Summit Lodges - Pangboche

Everest Summit LodgesPangboche is located literally at the lap of the Ama Dablam mountain (6865 mts), often described as one of the most beautiful mountain on earth! The scenic surrounding, Everest to the north, Ama Dablam, Thamserku, Kangtaiga to the east, the Kongde range to the south and the Imjatse river flowing through the wide fertile valley all combine to make this village a truly special place. Day excursions to the base camp of the Ama ... more

Everest Summit Lodges - Mende

Everest Summit LodgesPerched almost 3000 meters above the Thamo and Thame valleys, the lodge has the most awesome views of the surrounding mountains like Kongde Ri, Thamserku, Kang Taiga, Kusum Kangru and Khumbila. With a monastery and a few monks as year-round neighbours, Mende has an amazing sense of tranquility and peace. Located just off the main trail between Namche Bazar and Thame, the frontier to the Tibetan Plateau separated ... more

Hotel Sherpa Land, Namche

Hotel Sherpa Land, Namche BazaarHotel Sherpaland is situated in the heart of Namche Bazaar, at the elevation of 3450 meters from the sea level. Located in the Eastern part of the Nepal we are surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the world, the khumbu valley, home of the gentle and friendly Sherpas. Hotel Sherpaland has started to operate its service since Fall 2007. It is one of the hotels, where you can feel the comfort of a 5 star standard service in the Himalaya ... more

Everest Summit Lodges - Tashinga

Everest Summit LodgesThis lodge has the most wonderful location sited as it is amidst pine forests overlooking the Dudh Koshi valley with breathtaking views of Ama Dablam, Thamserku, the Taboche Peak and Khumbila , said to be the spiritual abode of the patron demigod of the Khumbu region. Day excursions to the famous Sherpa monastery of Tengboche and the village of Phortse can be made from the lodge. The Nepal Himalaya .... a different ... more

Syangboche Panorama Hotel

Syangboche Panorama Hotel Syangboche Panorama Hotel (SPH) "On top of the world" has been established in Sagarmatha zone, Solukhumbu district, Khumjung Village Development Committee ward No. 1, Syangboche to introduce all these unique features. The hotel provides quality lodging and fooding to the tourists. Besides one can stay here for acclimatisation and halting place for visiting various Sherpa villages and towards Kalapathar, the base camp of Everest ... more

HCR Panorama Lodge - Namche Bazaar

HCR Panorama Lodge - Namche Bazaar HCR Panorama Lodge - Namche Bazaar is a standard lodge, situated at a walking distance of 5 minutes of the famous Saturday Namche Bazaar market. You can find the real family atmosphere will welcome you. The lodge has got the full restaurant and bar service with local and imported spirits and wines. The hotel has the private rooms, dormitory, hot shower and a friendly smile. There are no planned activities at the HCR Panorama Lodge ... more

Top Hill Lodge & Restaurant, Monjo

Top Hill Lodge & Restaurant, Monjo  Welcome to the website of TOP HILL LODGE & RESTAURANT MONJO. Top Hill Lodge and Restaurant is family owned lodge, which is situated on the height of 2850m, the place called "MONJO". This tourist lodge was established in the year 1990. Since then it has been providing quality service and warm hospitality to it's guests. This Lodge is owned by Mr. Pasang Dawa Sherpa and Domei Sherpa. Pasang Dawa Sherpa has been ... more

Panorama Lodge, Namche Bazaar

Panorama Lodge, Namche Bazaar  Panorama Lodge & Restaurant is a family run business. It is perched on top of Namche hill. It is about five minutes hike from the Saturday Market. We are one of the few Eco- friendly Lodges along to trek to Everest. All our materials to build our houses were brought up from outside park and flown from Kathmandu. We support our local Hydro Electric Company and use Solar energy for the Hot shower. Our new rooms are cozy, quiet and ... more

Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal:

Hotels & Guests & other Information, Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal: Namche Bazaar - (also Nemche Bazaar or Namche Bazar) is a village and Village Development Committee (Namche) in Solukhumbu District in the Sagarmatha Zone of north-eastern Nepal. It is located within the Khumbu area at 3,440 metres (11,286 ft) (the low point that is), populating the sides of a hill. Namche is the main trading center for the Khumbu region with many Nepalese officials, a police check, post and a bank. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 1647 people residing in 397 individual households.

Immediately west of Namche is Kongde Ri at 6,187 metres (20,299 ft) and to the east is Thamserku at 6,623 metres (21,729 ft). Namche has a permanent population of around 800. On a hill overlooking Namche Bazaar is the Shyangboche Airstrip (3,750m / 12,303 ft). This airstrip is still in use, but mainly in the mornings when the weather conditions are more stable. Pilatus PC-6 Porter planes can be chartered to Lukla, a 5 minute flight, for around $US500.

Hotels & Guests & other Information, Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal: Almost everyone trekking in the Khumbu region will visit Namche Bazaar, as it is the gateway to the high Himalaya. Visitors are likely stay at least one night, if not two for altitude acclimatization. The village has many shops and lodges where one can find almost anything required for trekking (no camera repair shops), although prices are higher than in Kathmandu. However, the higher you go up into the Khumbu, the more expensive everything gets so by the time you reach Lobuche (4,930m/16,175'), the prices in Namche will seem quite reasonable. Near the top of the village is the headquarters for Sagarmatha National Park as well as Nepalese army barracks. From the bridge over the Dudh Kosi, the trail winds its way up a "big" hill, finally cresting at a small building which also serves as an army/police check point.

Many trekkers get up before sunrise and walk up to the Sagarmatha National Park Headquarters to take in the impressive views of Mount Everest, Lhotse, Thamserku, Ama Dablam (6,856m/22,493') and other magnificent peaks (though these can only be seen on a clear day) and to visit the museum. Pictures of peaks to the west from this vantage point such as Kongde Ri, cannot be taken as the army barracks are between you and these mountains. The army does not permit pictures to be taken of the barracks. Because of the proximity of the army barracks, the Sagarmatha National Park Headquarters is surrounded by a large amount of barbed wire.

A good acclimatisation walk from Namche Bazaar goes to Everest View Hotel, which is at an altitude of 3,800m / 12,467 ft. As the name suggests, the hotel gives good views of Everest (when it is not enveloped in cloud) and this is generally considered the best view in the surrounding area. Everest View Hotel is a luxury hotel, which has had mixed success. Although the rooms are oxygenated, many guests have become sick. The hotel does, however, have the only decent restaurant serving western food in the region.

On Saturday mornings, a weekly market is held in the center of the village. People from all around the Namche area come to sell their wares, to locals and to visitors alike. The market usually starts around sunrise and begins to break up around 11 am. Also, there may be a daily Tibetan market where clothing and cheap Chinese consumer goods tend to be the main articles for sale. Tibetan merchants have traditionally come to the market by way of high passes through the Himalayas, however the Chinese currently disallow this passage.

Namche Bazaar has many internet cafés, making it the one of the few places in the region where trekkers can access the internet. The internet cafés connect via satellites and so the resulting connection speed is slow. The village also contains a German bakery, well known in the region for providing good quality western food, including pizza.

Accommodation in Namche
Accommodation in Namche an old style room with shared bathroom & for a modern en-suite twin. Most have hot water. NB: Check the regulations regarding meals. Some hotels offer very cheap room rates, but in return expect their guests to eat on the premises.

  • Namche Hotel and Camp de Base, Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal: are probably two of Namche's most pleasant places to spend a night, with both offering rooms with attached bathroom (with lashings of hot water) at reasonable prices. Location: After entering the village, follow the main shop-lined street until you reach a 'cross roads'. Here, turn left for
  • Namche Hotel, Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal: It is on the left, next to the money changer. For 'Camp de base' do not turn left, but continue up the stone stairs. The hotel is behind a large wooden door on the right.
  • Thawa Lodge, Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal: turn left at cross roads, Thawa is located immediately on the right - an older hotel with pleasant outdoor sitting area.
  • Trekker's Inn, Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal: across from 'Camp de base' - an older lodge with lots of character.
  • Hotel Zamling and Éverest Hotel, Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal: - both hotels are located on the left side slopes of the village when looking up and are new members of the plethora of hotels - quality accommodation at competitive rates.
  • Panorama Lodge, Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal: Perched on top of Namche hill, Panorama is about five minutes from the Saturday Market. It is one of the few eco-friendly lodges along the
  • Everest trail, Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal: using solar energy for showers. The rooms are cozy, quiet and equipped with attached bathroom and shower.

Restaurant in Manche
Namche is really greared for the ravenous tourist, and offers all kinds of delights. Namche's bakeries are quite famous in Nepal and, considering that the town is a six day walk from the nearest road, they bake up some amazing pastries. All the hotels have dining facilities open to non-residents.

  • Everest Bakery", Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal: The first bakery to open in Everest Region, Everest Bakery is a innovative bakery which is always aims to provide the best baked food and freshly brewed coffee. The perfect stopover for a quick bite or a comfortable place to dine in. NOW, if you want to wake up with the smell of fresh bread and coffee, they have good rooms as well.
  • Herman Helmers Bakery, Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal: located on the main street into town, has great apple pie and chocolate cake. The other Bakery items are delicious too.
  • Namche Bakery, Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu, Nepal: located just down from the main intersection, really excellent, freshly made pizza and delicious Coffee.

Traditional Sherpa dishes include:

  • Rigi kur - potato pancakes, which are delicious eaten straight off the griddle and covered with dzo (female yak) butter and a sauce made of mature cheese and spices called sorma. Due to the effort involved in making rikikul, they are generally not listed on lodge menus. However, most places will oblige if you order well in advance.
  • Tzen - a heavy pate made from millet and flavored with spices.
  • Thukpa" - Noodles with soup. Perfect for a cold day.
  • Additionally, be sure to try the delicious Nak-cheese, that can be bought in most of the stores.


  • Juice and beer are available at all hotels and bakeries. However, remember that anything in a can has been brought up from Kathmandu, and so prices will be very high.
  • Coffee blends such as cappuccino and latte are served at the bakeries.
  • Tea is available everywhere and is mostly served sweet and with milk. Salty, butter tea is also available, though not as common.
  • Herbal teas are made from Khumbu wild flowers and produced locally. They are available at most of the hotels, and tea-bag packets can be purchased at the Tibetan Healing Centre.

Village Development Committees VDC's of Solukhumbu District:

Bafa Baku Basa Beni Bhakanje Bung Chaulakharka Chaurikharka
Chheskam Deusa Garma Goli Gorakhani Gudel Jubing Jubu
Kaku Kangel Kerung Khumjung Loding Tamakhani Lokhim Mabe Mukali
Namche Necha Batase Necha Bedghari Nele Panchan Salleri Salyan Sotang
Takasindu Tapting Tingla T T T T T