Birds World Nepal & Bhutan

Birds World Nepal & Bhutan

Birds World Nepal & BhutanNepal is one of the most exciting countries in the world when it comes to bird watching. Or actually, you dont have to be a bird watcher to enjoy the avifauna. Birds are everywhere, and very often either big or strinkingly colourful. More than 800 species have been recorded in Nepal. The diversity is truly remarkable: hornbills and trogons of the jungle. Storks, anhinga (snakebird) and jacanas of the wetlands. Laughingtrushes and babblers of the hills. And still a healthy stock of eagles and vultures of the Himalayas. Besides this, a big amount of birds from Eurasia comes here to spend the winter. Bluethroat, siberian rubythroat, orange-flanked bush robin, ducks and waders are among these. So come here and enjoy. There is good birdwatching all around the year.

Nature has provided incomparable natural wealth to Nepal and exceptionally rich in bird life with total of 850 spices on its log. A diverse topography and climate which has resulted in a verity of habitats with a country, is responsible for the many bird species found Nepal. Because of these, Nepal has become a popular destination of birdwatchers. The sight of rare bird generates great excitement. "The beauty of nature & birds are the popular symbols of Nepal".

Bird watching begins right here in Kathmandu by the banks of Bagmati and Manohara rivers. Birds sighted along these rivers are the Egrets, Herons, Kingfishers, Ibisbill, Wood Sandkipers and plovers to name of you. The Chovar gorge and Tanda are recommended sight along these rivers. Away from human disturbances many birds are seen here. Phulchoki An ideal location to start around the valley is Phulchoki, which is teeming with a wide variety of birds. Over 90 different kinds of birds have been recorded here including the endemic Spiny Babbler. Other birds found here are the Cutie, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Rufous Bellied Pied Wood Peckers, Black Throated Parrotbill etc.

Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu
Day 02: Kathmandu-Phulchowki-Kathmandu
Day 03: Kathmandu-Chitwan National Park
Day 04 & 05: Chitwan National Park
Day 06: Chitwan National Park-Kathmandu
Day 07: Kathmandu-Paro
Day 08: Paro-Thimphu
Day 09: Thimpu-Phobjhika
Day 10: Phobjhika-Punakha
Day 11: Punakha
Day 12: Punakha-Thimpu
Day 13: Thimpu-Paro
Day 14: Paro-Kathmandu
Day 15: Kathmandu
Day 16: Departure to onward destination

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