Honey Hunting Tour & Trek Nepal

Honey Hunting Tour & Trek Nepal

Honey Hunting Tour & Trek NepalIt is the real and frequent activity of indigenous Gurung and Magar Community in Bhujung and Pasgaon for honey hunting from which they are able to solve their problem of bread and butter. This ancestral job of honey hunting still continues in many remote villages of Nepal while offering high tourism potential. A large section of travelers are increasingly showing their interest in honey hunting thereby ensuring staple sources of local revenue generation, besides Ghalegoan Bhujung and the hole of Annapurna region, Dhading and Jharlang across Ganesh Himal Arun valley in Makalu and other trekking areas have become Popular for honey hunting, a new tourist activity but in Nepal except Bhujung area of Annapurna region, special package of Honey hunting for tourist is not developed yet. Nerveless few lucky tourist get chance to observe honey hunting on spot while traveling along the trekking routes. There are myriad be nests found in the inner and outer rings of different trekking areas which if professionally scientifically and technically managed, provides an immense potentiality of promoting honey hunting as an add- on product.
Honey Hunting Tour & Trek NepalMuch of the climbing over steep and rugged cliffs that go up to 2,500m is done with the help of locally prepared hemp rope. Carrying large wickerwork basket for putting honey, steps are taken with utmost caution as there is no support system in the event of fall. Specially designed tool called Bahana is used to fetch honey. The hole process of climbing up and down fearful height by precariously balancing on craggy edges is quite heart – rending. Tourists entertain and prize this spectacular displays of skills and stamina in ‘natural’ and geographical setting. Honey hunting in the high hill (up to the attitude of 3500m), cliffs and dangerous places is a perfect activity for those adventure lovers who dare to choose adventure in any from, soft or hard ones. The scenery, technique, and symbolic language used to foster understanding between helpers are really found to be magical and witch crafting. In spite of the fact that Nepal has such a unique and rich cultural activity it is hardly been given due notice to owing to awareness and lack of professionalism. “although honey hunting is feasible, it is yet to be Packaged and sold Professionalism. “Although honey hunting is feasible, it is yet to be packaged and sold Professionally”. Sudarshan Pradhan, GM of Ghalegaon says. The resort is probably the first in Nepal To bring the preliminary concept of honey hunting package for tourists. He further says, “ Many tourist from different countries are frequently requesting me to manage special package for honey hunting”.
There is also a possibility of making documentaries on it for promotional purposes Capturing such adventurous and heart trembling activities into camera and present it in the form of documentary is no less interesting. The concept of honey hunting was initiated by eric valli who in fact has showed new path of promotion through documentaries. A newly produced documentary named brave Birlal The real honey hunter, depicts the courage of honey hunter manila Gurung. The documentary was exhibited in Pokhara on 15 January 23005 before international viewing.
Despite all these facts, we should be very careful about the natural and environmental effect, disappearance of wild bees and so many possible problems due to unskilled, unnatural and unbalanced honey hunting. About a decade ago 40-45 bee nets could be seen in Ghan Pokhara, but now that number is reduced to only five or six. Honey hunting should be promoted on the strength of skilled manpower and professionalism.
Rough and wild, this trek takes you through less traveled country south of the Annapurnas and Lamjung Himal massif. This is a spectacular short trek, which traverses a variety of terrain from low land villages and rice terraces up to Nepal's largest Gurung (Gurkha) village (3000m). Throughout the trek you will enjoy great mountain views of Manaslu, Annapurna II, and the Lamjung Himal. The local people here are unaccustomed to trekkers and always provide a friendly welcome, as well as enjoying the odd party! Highlights: forests of bamboo and rhododendron, spectacular panoramic views of the Annapurnas and Lamjung Himal, traditional tribal villages.

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Honey Hunting Tour & Trek Nepal

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