Hot Air Balloon Sunrise

Hot Air Balloon Sunrise

Sunrise Ballooning NepalOn Balloon Sunrise Nepal's one hour hot air balloon flight, this spectacular view become unforgettable. Rise gently over the red-tile roofed houses, temples and stupas and drift weightlessly over green terraced fields in the crip morning air. Within minutes of the ascent, the majestic Himalayan panorama will greet you, from the rugged Langtang Himal all the way to Mt. Everest. Get yourself the thrill of looking down on mother earth suspended at 10000 ft. above in the skies. Gaze into the majestic Himalayas and blink in or its glories. Let moment freeze as you behold the pristine valley and then drift along on board the world's oldest but safest air travel. One hour on the balloon will be memories to last a lifetime.

Flying 3000 m. above the Kathmandu valley safely on a wicker basket, opens up vast vistas of enchanting sights accessible only to the initiated. Breathe easily in the fresh, crisp air of the quintessential  Kathmandu dawn as you absorb the 360° view of awe inspiring landscape-lush green hills, terraced fills enriched by nature's colors, terra-cotta structure huddle together watchful essentials, a gilded temple spire, a lonely stupa. Each one bathed by the first golden rays of the raising sun.

Look right on and there before you rise in majestic splendor the fabled Himalayan peaks. Illumined by stray strands of sun light, the snowcapped Gosainthan, Phurbi-Gyachu, Gauri-Sanker, Chhobar-Bhamare, Cho-Oyu, Chomolungma and Gyanchungkang all stand to greet you and lull you into a dream like state , that will live on as memories forever.

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US$ 250.00 per person (inclusive of Hotel Transfers and Souvenir pack, Flight Certificate)

AGE: There is no age barrier to enjoying our flights. However, a detree of fitness is required as we may have to walk through paddocks after landing. There are no seats in the basket - therefore, standing for the duration of the flight ( about on hour) is unavoidable.

We do not recommend bringing very small children. The reason are twofold-the first being the comfort and enjoyment oof the other passengers. The baskets are quite small and young children often get restless when in confined areas. The second reason is more practical. The walls of the baskets are four feet high, small children would have difficulty in seeing over, unless carried by an adult ( an arduous task for a one hour fight). We do stipulate that children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.
WHEN: We take off soon after sunrise. Winds are usually at their calmest then. Winter months provide the most reliable conditions. We fly in the summer, but very early in the morning.
DURATION: Normally we fly for about 3 hours, but this is at the pilot's discretion, taking into account the winds, temperature and weight carried on the day.
WHAT TO WEAR: Dress as for hiking, including sturdy shoes or boots plus sun glasses, gloves and a cap. It does not get any colder in the balloon than on the ground.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Our advice is to bring more film than you think you'll need. There is so much to see, from an entirely new perspective - you'll want to record it all to relive later.
PAYMENTS/REFUNDS: Payments must be made at least 3 days prior to flight. As ballooning is dependant on favourable weather conditions and safety is our first consideration and we will not fly it conditions are unsuitable. If you are "weathered out" you may rebook for this season or the next, or receive a refund.

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Hot Air Balloon Sunrise

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