Parahawking Adventure

Parahawking Adventure

Paragliding NepalParahawking is essentially a fusion between Paragliding and Falconry and was developed 4 years ago by the Himalayan Frontiers Team who's knowledge in both Paragliding and training Birds of Prey is unsurpassed. Using the same age old methods we are able to train them to fly with us and to guide us to the thermals - rising currents of warm air - which allow us to stay aloft. For anybody interested in birds of prey, this is truly an amazing experience.We offer 3 different types of Falconry and Parahawking experiences for both Paragliding pilots and non pilots.
  • Parahawking Adventure (for pilots only)
  • Tandem Parahawking Flight
  • An introduction to Falconry

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Parahawking Adventure (for pilots only)
Pioneered by Scott Mason, the Himalayan Frontiers teamand Sunrise Paragliding, Parahawking is essentially a fusion between Falconry and Paragliding whereby birds of prey are trained using the methods of the ancient art of falconry to assist Paragliding pilots and guide them to the thermals. Scott has been recently working with Louise Crandall, current womens world Paragliding champion and a dedicated Parahawker, together they have taken Parahawking to the next level. Gin Seek Song was so impressed he has decided to sponsor the project by supplying Gin Gliders and Harness's to the Parahawking team.Now with a permanent residence and a team of trained Parahawks, we are now able to offer Parahawking Adventures. This is designed for Paragliders with an interest in birds of prey a passion for flying and a real sense of adventure. I guess that's all of you!
During this 7 day adventure, you will learn the basic fundamentals of training birds of prey, how to make and use the equipment, how to be comfortable handling and flying the birds and how it all fits into your sport. Then you will fly tandem and solo with our birds and have them guide you to thermals then come to your fist to take a reward during your flight.This is a world first and is only available through Sunrise Paragliding.
Course: 7 Days
Price: £650
Includes: All accommadation in Pokhara, Daily lunches, all transport to trainingand flying sites airport pick up and drop off.
Excludes: Flights to/from Nepal, entry visa, airport and departure taxes, Internal flights to and from Kathmandu, accommadation in Kathmandu, alcoholic & aerated beverage.
Dates will be announced .
These dates are not completely fixed so if you are thinking of taking part and cannot do these dates, please let us know and we'll try and fit in with your plans.
Tandem Parahawking Flight
Imagine the thrill, to fly like a bird with the birds. Well now you can; a first in aviation history, take a tandem Paragliding flight and fly with a trained Bird of Prey.
Firstly, our experienced Falconers/Bird Handlers will give the the necessary instruction on handling birds of prey. Once competent in handling our birds you will then be taken by jeep to Sarangkot, the Parahawking take off site. You will then be fitted into your harness and attached to a fully qualified tandem pilot who will then launch off into the sky with a trained Pariah Kite and many other wild raptors. Your Kite will guide you to the thermals and you will reward her by calling her to your fist during your flight. An experience like no other.
You will land right outside our very own Maya Devi Village where you can enjoy lunch and a beer and share your unique experience with other Parahawkers.
A totally unique experience, it sounds unbelivable but its truly amazing! This is a world first and only available through Sunrise Paragliding..
Approxmimate flight time - 30 min
Price - €60 per flight

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Parahawking Adventure

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